Sunday, August 19, 2012

JT's Take: Avengers vs. X-Men #10

Hey everyone, today we're gonna check out the most recent issue of the seemingly never ending Avengers Vs. X-Men saga. And since I have nothing of importance to say here, let's do it!

Avengers vs. X-Men #10

Summary: We kick things off with Cyclops showing up for Hope, the Avengers try to fight him off but Cyclops quickly dispels of them since he has half of the Phoenix power. Meanwhile, his better half, pun intended, is making her fellow mutants bow to her and reading the minds of the one's who oppose her, then basically scaring them into bowing to her. Magneto tells Emma she's going too far but Emma shows Magneto that she's got the power and he'd best remember who's in charge. Back on K'un Lun, Hope and The Thunderer attack Cyclops using a dragon by the name of Shao Lao, the carrier of the Iron Fist energy and apparently once defeated The Phoenix according to legend, but since this is a weaker, younger dragon, Cyclops is able to take it down. Cyclops gets read to take Hope but surprisingly she blasts at him with The Dragon's power, which scares her. She runs to Scarlet Witch who tries to protect her but her powers are useless against Cyclops. Hope somehow absorbs Scarlet Witch's powers as well and is able to temporarily depower Scott, then punches him so hard she knocks him to the moon, Honeymooners style. Once Scott recovers he realizes he needs more power, and heads to find Emma, hoping to take hers. The issue comes to a close as we see Magneto, saying to Xavier via his mind that they need his help, and that Scott and Emma are losing control.

Thoughts: Well, I thought this issue was okay. It was cool seeing Scott get blasted and everything, and I like crazy, tyrannical, super bitch Emma. But this story seems like it's lasting WAY too long which has really hurt my enjoyment of it. I mean, the next issue kind of has to be filler until the big fight when hopefully something huge (Jean Grey return) happens that makes this seem worthwhile. The issue itself was nothing special, and we didn't get many answers either.

Score: 7/10 

The Watcher: In space, there is no sound. But Scott Summers hears himself screaming. It takes an hour to recover enough to stand.


  1. Totally agree. Plus, are we ever going to get Scott to realize that the whole point of him wanting Hope-Phoenix was to restart the mutant race? At this point, he's made grass grow in the desert, but hasn't done a damn thing about restarting the mutant race. You'd think with half the Phoenix's powers he'd, like, get on that.

  2. See JW, That's why we're boys. That's an EXCELLENT point! I forgot completely that was his reason for looking to Hope and it's an excellent point, he's done nothing of value for the mutant community... what a hypocrite.

  3. That maybe because he still believes that Hope is the ONE to fulfill that prophetic job/role...her supposedly being the Mutant Messiah and all! Why else is he so concerned with retrieving the lil redhead lady, you know?!

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  5. D'oh. I deleted my comment somehow. Did you see that Liefeld is leaving DC? Maybe Lobdell isn't far behind...

  6. Rad T - Sorry for the late reply but that's a good point. My only thing is, what can she do that Scott can't at half Phoenix power?

    JW - Haha, I did see that. Man that's awesome, if Lobdell leaves I'd have no complaints whatsoever. I may even start picking up Grifter now.