Friday, August 3, 2012

JT's Take: The First X-Men

Hey guys and gals, I figured I'd follow up yesterdays Avengers Academy review by reviewing the newest comic written by one of my favorite comic writers, Christos Gage and Neal Adams, who I hope to become more familiar with after this mini-series. Now, let's see what happened before Xavier coined the term, X-Men.
The First X-Men #1

Summary: We start things off with Logan going to Harlem to find a friend's son, who may be a mutant, but when he finds the young teen named Anthony, he tells Logan he can't help him, and suddenly explodes. Logan recovers quickly to see the explosion took out a lot of people, and apparently people think a gas main exploded. Next we see Logan and Creed (Sabretooth), as Logan explains that the Feds came and took the kids body quickly after his demise, and he thinks they've started to hunt down people that are different. Logan talks Sabretooth into helping him round up kids who are different and help them out, which pisses Sabretooth off first, until Logan is able to get him to see things his way by mentioning Creed's tough childhood. From there, the two head to Virginia thanks to Logan picking up the scent of Anthony and finds the government is doing experiments on the young man's remains. They start destroying the labs and come across some files on mutant candidates the feds are watching, when they're attacked by some guards in metal suits. Logan and Creed take the guys out and escape with some files, and as they leave, Anthony surprisingly wakes up. Creed and Logan realize the top target on the list is a woman named Holly Bright and that the government is making a move on her, so they head to find her. They see that she takes money from people and makes their dreams come true, as we see a clients who has her manifest the spirit of his dead daughter, so they can talk to them and have closure. As Logan and Creed try to explain the situation to Holly, the government attacks, but Holly uses her powers to create a monster that seems real enough to allow herself, Creed and Logan to escape. Holly's codename is Holo, and apparently she's a teenager that makes herself look like a twenty-year old, very busty woman, but she shows her true form to Logan after he questions her about it. Next up, our three mutants head to meet with a young Charles Xavier, and tell him his people need his help but Xavier says he's normal and will live a normal life, he wants nothing to do with the mutants. Logan, Creed and Holly leave and as they do we see Charles calling Moira and saying they need to talk. The issue comes to a close as Logan says their next prospect is a man named Erik, as we see the future Magneto brutally murdering a bunch of former Nazi's.

Thoughts: This first issue was pretty damn good. I loved seeing Logan, Creed and Darwin, and the dynamic between Logan and Creed is really well done. I really liked the scene with Charles wanting to live a normal life and not have to fight for mutant rights, as that is a lot dropped upon a guy that young, that hasn't had the hard life Creed, Logan and Erik had. This mini has a TON of potential and it definitely started on the right track in my opinion.

Score: 9/10

Holo: Disappointed?
Creed: Not mine to say, kid. I go for women, not jailbait.


  1. I was wondering about this one. I may check the first issue out, I don't know yet. What did you think of the art?

  2. The art was actually pretty good. The interior art is the same as the cover, which is surprising nowadays. I enjoyed it, hopefully you will as well.