Sunday, August 12, 2012

JT's Take: Scarlet Spider #8

Hey guys and gals, with the upcoming Minimum Carnage storyline staring Venom and Scarlet Spider fast approaching, I figured I'd compliment yesterday's Venom review by posting Scarlet Spider today, so let's check in with our favorite Houston-based Hero.

Scarlet Spider #8

Summary: We pick up where things left off with Kaine taking on The Rangers, they tell him to give up but Kaine has a few questions, so after causing a distraction, Kaine escapes with Zoe. Once Kaine is alone with Zoe, he asks her why she blew up Roxxon and she explains her father is up to something in Galveston. Kaine takes her word for it and the two head there, unaware that The Rangers are not far behind their trail. Kaine tears his way through Roxxon to a room where Zoe claims there are tons of dead bodies but when they arrive there they find nothing. Kaine, afraid his second chance at life is now ruined, starts freaking out and plans to get Aracely and head for Mexico. Suddenly, The Rangers show up and manage to take Scarley Spider by surprise and take him down. Before things can escalate even more, a robotic/alien (?) member of The Rangers named Fifty-One scans the room and breaks the floor, which reveals a hidden room with all the bodies that Zoe mentioned to Kaine. The Rangers realize that Kaine isn't the villain here and start to apologize but there are other things going on, as they hear screams from another room. They run see a man being experimented on but of course, everything goes wrong and he turns into a giant monster as this issue comes to a close.

Thoughts: I actually don't have much to say about this comic. It wasn't bad, it wasn't great, it was passable. I'm enjoying Kaine as Scarlet Spider but I wish he had something to sink his teeth into, around issue 8 in the Venom series, Flash had done a lot more than Kaine has at this point, so hopefully Kaine can get that big story with Kraven soon...

Score: 6.5/10

Scarlet Spider: You guys, you call yourselves The Rangers... super heroes right?The Texas Twister: Yep.
Scarlet Spider: Good. This one's all yours.


  1. I am glad that i dropped this title. Not that it isn't good, but it just inst great. I feel that it could be better, but this current arc seems to be spinning its wheels before the big crossover.

  2. I would actually disagree with you guys here. I actually appreciate the time Yost is taking to develop Kaine and the supporting characters/city in these early issues. The pacing is more along the lines of Daredevil in that way, rather than Venom.

    Towards the end of Remenders run, I thought Venom became too fast-paced, and didn't give time for things to sink in. Venom's pace ended up hurting the book IMO - the events seemed less meaningful because they happened so quickly. Venom bounced from Spider Island, to getting kicked out of the Army, to going to Vegas and the circle of four, back to NY and the Savage Six, waay too fast. The best part of all these events? The road trip with Jack and the beginning of the Savage Six arc, both of which actually took time to develop the Venom universe.