Monday, August 23, 2010

Talking about comics, blogs and stuff.

Hey there X-Maniacs, I don't have any new reviews to put up tonight, but I wanted to do a post regardless. Today was the first day of the fall semester for me, so my review schedule may become a bit more erratic then usual until I'm settled in. I'll still try to post at least three or four reviews a week, but it all depends on the homework/study load from this current batch of classes.

So that's the news on the personal front. Let's move over to the blogging front next. First off, my last post was number 300 for the year, which is pretty impressive. Even more impressive then that though is the fact that this post is the 1,400th one I've published on this blog! 1,400 posts... That's A LOT of inane rambling! On top of that, this strange little blog is rapidly approaching its 2 year anniversary. You can be sure that I'll have something special planned for that day.

But enough about this blog, I also wanted to hit on something else tonight. You see, me and JT(whose blog you can find here)were chatting over at his blog LATE this past Saturday, and somehow we decided to put together a mock Barry Allen worship blog... So at like 3 o'clock Saturday night/Sunday morning the All Hail Saint Barry Allen blog was born. So far the site has been a real blast to work on, so I'd definitely recommend checking it out. You have my utter insanity coupled with JT's awesome sense of humor. What's better then that?! If you like it then I take full credit for coming up with the idea. If not, well then blame JT! :P

And now we finally get to the comic book front. I should have a Picto-Review up for the Shadowland: Power Man #1 comic up tomorrow(which was surprisingly good!). Depending on a few factors(homework, how tired I am, etc)I might also try to put up a review for Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow #1. After that I'll have a New Comic Day post up for Wednesday. I'm also just about done with the second Invincible hardcover(which I'm LOVING!). It's SO good that I placed an order on Amazon for the next two Invincible hardcovers(3 & 4). If you like super-hero comics, then read Invincible! Besides that, I finished off the Spider-Man: American Son trade today at school(hey, I had a two hour break between classes!)and I have to say that it was awesome! It actually made me want to start collecting Spider-Man comics again, something I didn't think I'd ever want to do again after the One More Day/Brand New Day garbage. Umm, I think that'll have to do it for tonight. After I publish this post I'll be heading over to the Saint Barry blog to post something there, and then it's off to bed for me. Thanks for reading, X out.


  1. Hola Amigo, glad school was cool. Firstly congrats on 300 posts in a year so far, that's insane, I only have 60 (which is a shocker because I expected WAY less) and the 1,400th post, AND the epic two year anniversary. Pretty awesome for a blog you started from scratch and had no followers, so great work dude.

    And of course, I gotta thank you, Brother X, for helping me spread the word of the Great Saint Barry Allen. It's been awesome so far, definitely one of my favorite blogging experiences so far. And I'll take full credit whether ANYONE likes it or hates it, unless they wanna sue, then it was all Brother X ;-)

    Glad to see Shadowland: Power Man was good, depending on ya review I may pick it up Wednesday. As for Spidey, glad you're interested again between that and OMIT, I started reading Spidey at the arc before that one with the Fantastic Four, and I remember American Son being really good. A great moment where you see who Spidey is because he almost wants to cross that line but stops himself, So I'm glad you enjoyed that.

  2. Thanks JT. 300 posts this year is pretty crazy, but 1,400 posts in less then 2 years? That's INSANE!

    "unless they wanna sue, then it was all Brother X" What Saint Barry Allen blog? I've never heard of, nor ever been associated with such a blog. You want to talk to that JT guy!!!

    Cool, I'll def have the Power Man review up tomorrow, it's all scanned and practically ready to go. Yeah, agreed with American Son. Especially the part where Spidey was seriously debating whether or not he should finish off Osborn once and for all. Good stuff there.

  3. Quite the reviewer X, quite the reviewer indeed. That means you had like 1,100 last year right? Lol that seems impossible.

    Haha, see here I heard that if that were to happen he'd give you 100% control of the site and stay off the Internet for a while :P

    Awesome, can't wait to read the Power Man review, and yep that's the exact scene I was thinking of.