Friday, August 6, 2010

Green Lantern #56

Green Lantern #56: Writer: GEOFF “I'm gonna party like it's 1959!” Johns. Pencils: Doug Mahnke.

Review: This issue begins with that strange little hooded character(the one who's been stealing the Entities)freeing Hector Hammond(he of the freakishly large head)to go after Hal Jordan. Hal is in Minnesota, where the town is having a Larfleeze problem(which is just about the worst type of problem I could possibly think of!). It seems that Larfleeze has taken up residence there, and has been writing a list to Santa Claus, since Larfleeze figures that Santa would bring him anything he wants. Hal tries to explain that Santa isn't real(unless you're reading this and you're under 7, in which case, he is!), before informing Larfleeze that his Orange Lantern Entity could be in danger. Larfleeze disregards that, since he had safely imprisoned his Entity in his Orange Lantern, and just as he says that, his Lantern is pulled away by Hector Hammond. Hal and Larfleeze join forces to rescue the Orange Lantern, but Hammond decides to just eat the thing. Well that's one way to make sure nobody can have it! This action frees the Greed entity, and it bonds with Hammond, granting Hammond vast powers, and ending this issue.

What I Thought: Hey, even though Larfleeze was prominent here, I liked this comic! If only the Brightest Day story was relegated to just this series... But that's neither here nor there I guess. The main story was pretty good, the back story with that weird little character, who's been collecting those Entities is interesting, it's like the real GEOFF Johns is still writing this, while some other, evil Bizarro GEOFF is writing everything else...

Score: 8 out of 10.Huh, and here I thought Hector Hammond couldn't get any uglier!


  1. Jeff Geons anyone? I loved Hammond getting the Orange Lantern, I mean this series has been damn good for a while now, and it isn't slowing down yet. I find myself wishing the issues were a little longer each month.

  2. "Jeff Geons" HA!!! THAT must be what it is! Speaking of Jeff(heh-heh), when's he gonna get to the next issue of GBC? Man is that series plagued by delays! :P

  3. I finally got around to reading some comics this week!! And before I start, "GEOFF “I'm gonna party like it's 1959!” Johns" this made me laugh so hard, yet I don't know why!

    I REALLY enjoyed this issue of GL. Larfleeze annoys the hell out of me but I was able to tolerate him in this issue. Lol. Hector Hammond creeps me out with his big ol head but I LOVED him in this. I don't know anything about this character but he is REALLY interesting. Geoff is doing a good job with drawing me in with this series.

    Nice review X. :) Certainly tell it how it is sir.

  4. Lol that dude makes Kevin Smith look like the ASM writers with the three issues per month! Honestly I think he's stuck and doesn't wanna take your idea of Sinestr-X killing everyone :P

    I also don't know much about Hammond but he's really been pulling in my attention lately, he's a pretty complex character.

  5. Glad I could make you laugh Falisha! I felt the same way about Larfleeze in this issue! Usually I HATE reading about him, he's SO annoying, but he was bearable this issue. I mean, I won't be joining the Larfleeze fan club or anything, but he was def less annoying then usual.

    I don't know, I still think Sinestr-X killing everybody and then getting his own spin-off series is the way to go... The Sinestr-X Files is comic book GOLD!

  6. You saying that just gave me a hilarious idea... I don't wanna give anything away but I'll have to ask Marc, Kello, and Nagash if they're right or left handed...

    Sinestr-X files still makes me laugh, hat's just a genius mash up... I wish I'd thought of it.

  7. Ooo, could this mean the return of the GBC?!? I can only hope so!

    Just tell everybody you did think of it! Hell, with how scatterbrained I can be at times, even I might believe you!

  8. Haha I think you're the only one excited, then again only you and I were left when it ended. :P

    Haha, In THAT case, yes, that's one of my greatest Creations.

  9. The way it should be imo! :P

    Wow, you're a genius JT! What a title! Simply brilliant!

  10. Haha, the final showdown. I may work on it in time for the big one year spectacular!

    Aren't I X, Aren't I? :P

  11. Cool! That sounds great to me! Hell, if you didn't want to post it on your blog, I'd be happy to put it up on Uncanny Comic Scans. That site should be good for something...

    Yes you are. And you're also a thieving jerk too! :D

  12. Sounds good to me dude, I'll probably work on it this weekend since I'm free from doing anything.

    :P That's me! I steal ya gimmick like Steven Richards!

    Oh, did you ever watch Under The Red Hood today?

  13. Awesome stuff! I'll definitely be looking forward to it! Man, I can't wait to see Sinestr-X tear everybody apart! :P

    Nah, I was WAY too busy studying... I wanted to watch it Tuesday, but that plan went RIGHT out the window. Hopefully this weekend, but if not, then I'd say almost definitely next week sometime.

  14. Haha, don't hold your breath! :P I hope it's half as good as the first part though.

    I figured as much dude, just lemme know when ya check it out, I'm interested in what you and everyone else thinks when they get to watch it.

  15. So long as Sinestr-X pulls a Triple H and destroys all the rest of those upstarts, I'll be happy! :P

    I'm aiming for either Saturday or Monday to catch that movie. I've got some shopping to do tomorrow(which means I'll be having a Digornios for dinner!)and Sunday I'll probably hit the comic store and maybe do some clothes shopping. But I should(FINALLY!!!)see that movie pretty soon.

    Oh, btw, did you know that there was new DL content for DA:O?

  16. Lol is he gonna marry the Boss' daughter and then bury everyone else on Oa? :P

    Sweet, sounds pretty friggin awesome. I'm jealous of your Digorno btw, try not to rub it in :P

    Yep, my group is buying it, I have to pay 1.66 for my share, but I'll let you know how it is whenever I play it.

  17. HA! Only Jeff Geons knows for sure!

    Oooo, that Digornio's was GOOD too! I skipped breakfast(mainly 'cause I slept through it!)and lunch, and held off until I was practically starving before I cooked that pizza for dinner. Man did it taste great!

    Cool. I'm not really on my DA kick anymore, but if I hear some really good stuff about it from you, I may have to give it a look.

  18. That guy, speaking of which... I'm gonna shoot you an email.

    I had one today too dude! I missed breakfast (slept through it) and was gonna eat Tater tots for lunch, which i did but they were like ten... not much for a big guy like myself, and ate the Digorno for dinner, and finished it, no microwave pieces for me!

    Alright brotha, I'll let ya know. And hey, seven months worth of playing isn't bad at all :P

  19. There ya go, you have to show that Digornio's who's the boss! I might even break my one Digornio's a week rule and pick up another one tomorrow if I do decide to take a trip to the cb shop.

    I'd sure say so! The past year all I've really played was Civ: Rev, and DA:O! That means all the rest of my $ can go towards comics, which is a good thing!

  20. Haha, I'm jealous, I could REALLY go for one tonight, my dinner was a bowl of cereal. May make some Crab Salad though...

    Yeah man, you really saved some video game money. Speaking of which, I just did some checking and The new Call of Duty, Smackdown and DJ Hero 2 all come out within 4 weeks of each other... lucky I got that job haha.

  21. Dude, I've been there when all I had for dinner was a bowl of cereal! Nah, I wound up helping my brother clean out the garage, which put the kiboish on going to the comic store today, but did score me a nice, homemade chicken dinner from my mom, so that was pretty good. Unfortunately the CB store is closed on Monday, so I'll either go Tuesday AND Wednesday, or I'll just do everything on Wed.

    HA, I was gonna say, start saving up now, but with the job, you should be set moneywise for all of those games when they come out. Out of all of those, I'll PROBABLY grab Smackdown. Last years version kind of restored my faith in that series.

  22. That chicken dinner sounds good dude. And Is it always closed on Mondays? That's kinda weird...

    Yeah I lucked out. And I'm glad I could help then bro, I'm friends with one of the programmers on Facebook, and apparently you can edit downloadble people's movesets and entrances unlike last year, so if you download a good Batman or something you can give him whatever music you want.

  23. Yeah, it's open every day of the week except for Monday. The hours are shorter on Sunday, but yeah, it's always closed Mon.

    Eh. I'm more of a make your own characters type of guy, so that doesn't really do much for me. I'm sure they won't have men vs women(this being the PG-WWE era), which sucks, 'cause that means if I make a Wonder Woman, she'll have nobody to fight!!!

  24. Hm... I wonder why that is, seems like Sunday would be the more viable day off. But hey, I'm not running the place.

    I remember you saying that last year. Who did you end up having WW take on... well hell, now that she's all depowered maybe you can throw her against some other heroes. I wouldn't be surprised if you still can't do man vs. woman matches. The new SVR news should be on IGN today though, I also saw some stuff about Dragon Age so I'll email you the links later on when both are up.

  25. Yeah, agreed. I guess both days are probably pretty slow for a cb shop. If nothing else, I guess closing early on Sunday and then taking off Monday gives you a longer off period then closing late Sat, being off Sun, and then opening early on Mon.

    I wound up not bothering with a WW last year. It was like, why bother when none of the other females I make are gonna be able to stop her. She'd've been like the Triple H of the women's division, squashing everything in her path! :P

  26. Good point X, good point indeed, besides I'd rather have a lazy Monday off any day.

    Haha, and how is that ANY different from the comic world? :P