Monday, August 9, 2010

The Random Scan of the Week!

Hey all, it's Sunday night, which means it's time for the “Random Scan of the Week!”(trademark pending). After not putting up a Random Scan last week(as I unveiled the surprisingly popular Picto-Reviews), I've decided to put up not one, but TWO(not so)Random Scans this week! I know, it's madness!! Before I get to the scans though, some housekeeping is in order. First off, I've surpassed 30 followers, so a huge thank you to those of you who have decided to follow this unpleasant little blog! 30 plus followers is pretty amazing, so you all have my genuine thanks.

On the personal front, this coming week marks the end of my summer school experience, which has gone quite well, if I do say so myself. I am cruising towards an “A”, and unless something horrible happens during my final exam on Thursday(I lose my mind, a giant anvil falls on my head, etc), that vaunted “A” should be mine. Then I have a full week off before it's right back to school as the fall semester gets underway. Huzzah... Alright, enough about me, let's talk comics! I posted a Picto-Review for WW #601 right before this post, so you might want to check that out(especially if you like bad jokes and Rambo references), and tomorrow I should have a Picto-Review up for Superman: Last Family of Krypton #1. Okay? Alright! Let's get to the(not so)Random Scan(s)!

Ahh Batman... Only you would endanger your own ward to suddenly do a public service announcement in the middle of a fight! By the way, does this make Batman one of the first comic book characters to break the forth wall? From Batman #1(Spring 1940).


  1. I gotta know... how much did you pay for that comic and how much is it worth haha. And congrats on your A buddy, so do you start more classes right after that or have a break or how's that going down?

  2. I'd venture a guess that it cost him about $15, since I suspect it's from the first Batman Chronicles trade. ;)

    I forgot about that little fourth-wall-breaking thing in the first issue. So ridiculous, yet so funny.

  3. 1.5 million dollars, but worth every penny if you ask me! :P

    Well, it's not an A yet, but it should wind up that way... Unless I've just jinxed myself by talking about it and I wind up getting like a 12% on my final exam! I get a week off, and then it's right back to school again. So I plan on doing a lot of comic reading and sleeping during that week!

    The forth wall thing was SO weird, because Batman had never done it in any of the prior issues! It just sort of came out of the blue. He was fighting some old school gangsters and was suddenly like, "Hey kids, don't become criminals!" Bizarre...

  4. Lol I was hoping you'd come back with a joke answer because if you responded with a REAL answer I'd have to say "It...was a joke..." Lol

    Well good luck on your HOPEFUL A, and I'm gonna come mess with you on your week off as a part of my new sitcom "Messin with X-Man", Thursdays on FOX!

  5. So how did you like those early issues of Batman, X?

    Oh and congrats on 30 followers. Quite an achievement!!

  6. Wait, who says I was joking?

    That sounds like the sort of show Fox would put on too!

    To be honest, I was only lukewarm to most of them. I mean, it was cool to read about Bats earliest adventures, so the trade was def worth the price, but for the most part, the stories didn't blow my mind... Well except for the two Joker ones. Those were AMAZING! Joker's actions were SO spot-on, and he looked SO creepy. Thinking back on it, if I were to give the Joker story(stories)a score, it would prob be around the 10 range. I liked them that much.

    Thanks, Marc. I'm amazed by the number myself. I can still remember back when this blog was stalled on 4 followers!

  7. I'd hope you were joking, or else I'd have to destroy it on our TV show, like ZZ Top did to Hank Hill.

  8. Yeah, I'm totally agreed on the early Batman stories: they're not that good until the Joker shows up. Superman was much, much better at that time.

    That's why it always makes me laugh when people talk about Batman going back to his "darker, pre-Robin roots." The fact is that before Robin, Batman was actually pretty mediocre! The whole concept of a dark Batman working solo wasn't something they were able to successfully pull off until much later. Still, it's always nice to see where these classic characters got their start!

  9. Heh heh, I loved that episode...

    Next time I have the urge to splurge(the urge to splurge?)on comics, I'll probably pick up that first Supes trade to add it to the collection.

    The one thing that kind of surprised me about pre-Robin Batman was that he was kind of kill happy, and he definitely had no qualms against using a gun. Bats was always tossing hapless gangsters off of rooftops it seemed...