Friday, August 6, 2010

Picto-Review: Green Arrow #2

Green Arrow #2: Writer: JT Krul. Pencils: Diogenes Neves.

We kick things off with BFF(!) Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen shooting the breeze in Star City's enchanted forest.

After Ollie shows Hal around and the two talk for a bit, the heroes are attacked by a goon squad sent by the new head of Queen Industries, which sucks for Hal, since his GL ring doesn't work in the enchanted forest.

Eventually Ollie realizes that he has to get Hal out of the enchanted forest, and catapults Hal high above the trees.

Away from the forest and charged up again, Hal makes quick work of the helicopters, while Ollie mops up the goons below.

With the threat over, Hal tries to convince his friend to return to civilization, but Ollie is too stubborn, and decides that forest living is the life for him.

This issue ends with some cad shooting Ollie in the forehead with a black arrow.

What I Thought: Man, it seems like ages since I read the first issue... With that said, once I started reading this comic, I was drawn into the story rather swiftly. Ollie and Hal have that type of chemistry that always makes their appearances together fun, and this issue was no exception. The establishment of the head of Queen Industries as Ollie's major enemy seems like a good idea, and the cliffhanger was also out of the blue and interesting, so all in all, we had some pretty good stuff here. Oh yeah, it seems that Thor was hanging out in the enchanted forest, I guess to pay Ollie back for appearing in an issue of Thor a while back. See, it's Thor!
Score: 8 out of 10.


  1. I've read like three other reviews of this issue, and no one would say what happened at the end of this issue, just that it was interesting. Thanks for the pic, X!

  2. Wow, really? Well, that just proves that I am the king of the spoilers I guess! :-)

  3. Leave it to X, he avoided spoilers for years, now has a comic shop and spoils it for everyone! :P

    As you know, I enjoyed this issue as well, If the series stays half as interesting I can see myself really liking it, a big step up from GA & BC for both Ollie in this and Canary in Birds. And I laughed so hard at Ollie being in Thor, that HAD to be him on purpose cause he looks WAY too much like Ollie.

  4. Still loving the picto-reviews, X! (Which, by the way, I think is a fine name for them.) That's hilarious about Thor and GA seeming to appear in each other's books. Good eye! If it had been me reading that Thor comic, I don't know if I would have even thought of GA...I probably would have thought he was supposed to be Errol Flynn or something!

  5. Ha yeah, that's me, I won't read any spoilers, but I'll spoil books for everybody else! I'm a jerk like that! :D

    I totally agree about both GA and BC, JT(GA, BC, JT?!). The end of the GA/BC series was nearly unreadable, while Birds has been amazing, and GA has been pretty good.

    Thanks for the kind words Marc. Right now I'm kind of leaning towards sticking with "Picto-Review". The regulars here know what it means, and what the post entails, so that's good enough for me.

    I'm glad you guys got a kick out of the Thor/GA thing. Once I saw "Thor" in this comic, I immediately thought back to that issue of Thor, where "GA" appeared. That HAD to be deliberate on the part of both artists!

  6. Attack of the initials, coming soon to a blogspot near you. Yeah, it's funny what a change of writer and atmosphere will do for a character, I think the most upsetting thing about that series is that the first like, 14 issues were amazingly good compared the the last half...

    Lol well if it was deliberate Ollie better call Supes because he has NO chance against "THE SON OF ODIN!!!11!!!" Lol

  7. Didn't Superman and Thor fight each other in one of those Marvel vs. DC crossover comics in mid-'90s? And possibly again in JLA/Avengers? I can't remember who won in either case.

  8. "I think the most upsetting thing about that series is that the first like, 14 issues were amazingly good compared the the last half..." Totally agreed. But then again, the first half of the series focused on GA and BC, while the second half dealt with Cupid...

    I know they fought in the Avengers/JLA x-over, with Supes winning the battle. I was(and still am)fine with that result, although the fact that Thor could be considered a magical-type character(Supes weakness!)does make me wonder a bit. As for the original Marvel Vs DC series... I can't recall either! I know Supes beats the Hulk and Juggernaut in that, but I can't recall what Thor did...

  9. Yep, and that's why it sucked. Hell it was SO good first, the amazon stuff, the "death" of Ollie, team up with Batman and Plastic Man.

    Yep, they fought Marc, that's why I mentioned it because I remember the pic X posted of Supes cleaning Thor's clock, which prompted me to go read that comic once again.

  10. You had me until you said, "Team-up with Plastic Man.", JT Heh-heh, Kello would kill me if he saw that! >:P

  11. Lol I'm hoping he comes back and reads this now :P

  12. Cool, I'm going to have to read those crossovers again. Do you guys think they actually hold up story-wise, or are they just basically superheroes punching each other with little to no actual plot?

  13. Let's hope not JT... For my sake!

    Well, I know I gave the Avengers/JLA mini a perfect score(in what I think was my longest review EVER!), but that was one of the few times the art was more impressive then the story for me. I did think the story was pretty good for a company crossover book, not like the pretty bad earlier DC/Marvel x-over which was basically a bunch of loosely connected battles. I'm an unabashed fan of Avengers/JLA though, so I'm not exactly the right person to ask! :-)

  14. Yep, exactly what I was gonna say, the artwork was really good, but I appreciated the storyline, but that's probably because, like X mentioned, the first crossover was just a bunch of random fights.