Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Comic Day!

Hey X-Maniacs, it's time for my weekly new comic day post! I picked up a few new comics at the comic book shop(as well as a wealth of back issues and trades), so with out further ado, here's the books I snagged. Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet #1, Age of Heroes #4, Avengers Academy #3, Brightest Day #8, Deadpool #26, Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow #1, Shadowland: Power Man #1, Supergirl #55, Thunderbolts #147, and Wolverine: Weapon X #16. If you guys want to read a review for any of these comics, drop me a comment and let me know. If not, then I guess the decision will be mine, so who knows WHAT I'll wind up reviewing!!! I also wanted to thank those of you who took the time to leave a comment on my most recent, “Let's Talk About:” post. I'm really looking forward to reading and commenting on the characters you guys picked. That's gonna have to do it for me tonight. I've had a LONG and aggravating day, and I want nothing more then to lay down in my bed with a bottle of raspberry flavored water and my pile of new comics. Until tomorrow, X out.


  1. I'm still up for reading more about this Shadowland business, if you're still up for posting about it!

    Oh, and what back issues and trades did you pick up?

  2. Aww sorry to hear you had a long aggravating day. I hope today was better. And all I ask for from the King of Comics is a review of Brightest Day #8 and Shadowland: Daughters of Shadow #1. :)

    Annnd you like raspberry flavored water too! Dasani right?! Or are you a Aquafina type guy!. Lol.

    Oh and I haven't forgot to comment on ya reviews for Zatanna and BoP, I've just been real lazy about reading lately. Lol.

  3. Raspberry Water sucks :P!!!!!! Lol anyway buddy I guess I'd like to see a review of Brightest Day, just because it's the bane of your existence :D

  4. Sounds good to me guys. I'll try to get those two Shadowland titles up, as well as what I suspect will be an overly negative Brightest Day review... What, at least I'm being honest! :D I just don't know when I'll be putting them up... With the specter of school hanging over my head, those reviews might take a little time getting posted...

    I actually picked up a load of back issues, probably too many to list, since they were all over the place. I picked up a Superman title where he fought Bizarro, a few Batman's, the Gotham Underground mini-series(I think it was 9 parts), the Ultimate Hulk/Wolverine comics I was missing, some terrible War of the Gods mini, a few random Amalgam books, some loose Invincible comics(Returns and Primer), Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn II, a few 90's Flash books, and the Black Widow, Deadpool and Return of Bruce Wayne comics I was missing(so I can finally get caught up with those series!). I also picked up two trades: Captain America: Theater of War and Invincible Presents: Atom Eve & Rex Splode Vol 1. God only knows when I'll get around to reading them with school kicking off next week, but what can I say, nothing makes me happier then walking out of the comic book store with a HUGE bag of books! :-)

    I LOOOVE my flavored water Falisha! I can't stand drinking regular water(it's just SO plain!), so I buy and drink gallons of flavored water. I'm actually sipping an Aquafina raspberry water right now! :D I'm not picky when it comes to the brand of flavored water I drink though, I'll get the cheapest one I can. The store I shop at usually has the Aquafina brand on sale 4 6-packs for $10, so that's what I usually pick up. But I'll drink almost ANY flavor of water!

    Jeez JT, what's up with you and raspberry water?!?!

  5. Haha, I have to agree with JT...I think flavored water is disgusting! When I was in Japan a few years ago, I bought bottled water from a vending machine, not realizing it was flavored, and I just about threw up when I took a drink of it, haha.

    I drink a lot of regular bottled water, and I'm very particular about what I like. I think Dasani is by far the best; I try to avoid Aquafina, Ice Mountain and most other brands.

  6. X we have too many things in common! Lol, I LOVE flavored water. I loved bottled water in general. But when I want something sweet ( since I'm staying away from pop) I grab a flavored bottle water in a heartbeat. If not I use those crystal light packages you can pour in bottled water. Dasani flavored water is my fav, sometimes aquafina tastes just like splenda. lol.

    And I'm sure JT won't mind, but I speak for him in joining you X in the "I hate water club". Lol JT hates water. Sometimes I think he'd rather dehydrate than drink water. Lol. I love a nice cold cup of filtered water via Brita or bottled water. Ice mountain is the best, or Fuji. But that stuff is expensive! lol.

    And Marc, you don't know what you're missing!! Flavored water is just the best invention lol.

  7. Maybe you just got a bad bottle from that vending machine, Marc! My brother and sister are the same as you and JT though, they HATE flavored water! My brother and I were playing baseball last summer, I tossed him a bottle of strawberry flavored water, and after he took a drink it looked like he wanted to throw up! Since then he refuses to drink any sort of flavored water.

    I'll drink those little crystal light flavor packets too, Falisha! I'll pretty much drink any type of water as long as it has SOME kind of flavoring in it, regardless of the brand. I just can't stand regular water. I'm the same way with soda. I can't drink regular soda, it tastes too syrupy to me. I can only drink diet soda. And only Pepsi! Diet Vanilla, Lime, Cherry, anything as long as it's Pepsi and diet.

  8. Firstly, awesome on the Deadpool and Hulk/Wolverine comics, lemme know what you think of those bro. As for Return of Bruce Wayne, no wonder they gave it for free? :P

    Lol @ Falisha, I like cold water, ice cold, but any other time I don't want any, as for Flavored water, nah, I'll take ta of lemonade, none of that half-assing for me! Lol

  9. I actually had to pay for Return, JT... I'm sure I'll be dreading THAT decision soon enough. Maybe if I have the time I'll try to do some kind of write up for those two issues of Return, if only to amuse you! Btw, I'll prob be doing a lot of Picto-Reviews until I'm settled back into a school routine, so I hope that's not a problem.

    And I'll def let you know what I thought of Hulk/Wolvie. Although that's not really anywhere near the top of my read list... I still have to dig out the first two issues!

  10. Oh man, well I hope you enjoy them at least. Benicio that comments on my blog said in issue 3 Red Robin looks like a 45 year old man, lmao. And that's cool dude, Picto is much better than "not a dang thang."

    No rush dude, I still haven't cracked an issue of Outsiders yet so I got ya.

  11. Sigh... I am REALLY not looking forward to cracking open those Return comics! I think I'll do a Picto for Shadowland: Power Man instead! Sorry Bruce.

  12. Glad you decided to go with that instead... Bruce has one of the most lame returns ever.