Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Comic Day!

Hey there X-Maniacs, it's Wednesday, and as is the tradition around these parts, that means that it's a New Comic Day! As always I'll list the comics I picked up at the comic book store, and then leave it up to you guys as to which ones you want me to review. Sound simple enough? Great! Here's the books I picked up today: Teen Titans #86, Superman: Secret Origins #6(which means I can FINALLY read this mini), Superman/Batman #75, Shadowland: Moon Knight #1, Outsiders #32, Fantastic Four #582, Captain America: The 1940's Newspaper Strip #3, Black Widow #5(I just read BW #3 & 4 last night!), Detective Comics #868, Avengers #4, Storm and Gambit #1, and Namor: The First Mutant #1. So that's the new stuff. Besides that, my Amazon order came in the mail today, which gave me Invincible: Ultimate Collection volumes #3 & 4. So all in all, good stuff for me! That's gonna have to do it for this post, I have a little bit of homework to take care of, and then it's time to read some comics! X out.


  1. The third hardcover is as far as I've gotten so far with Invincible, although from what I hear it continues to be great after that. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

    What's the deal with Namor: The First Mutant? Are they trying to integrate him into the X-Men universe or something? Jeez, that would be terrible.

    And a book starring my two of my least favorite X-Men, Storm and Gambit...okay, I just have to know how that one is!

  2. X-Man!!! How's it going man!!! Well glad to hear ya amazon order came in. I know you're excited to read.

    All I ask for this week sir is Superman: Secret Origins, and Black Widow!!!

    Pretty Pretty please!! ^_^

  3. Actually X, I'm gonna ask, whenever you get a chance, which I know may be a while, but could you possibly review Superman: Secret Origins in a whole, as if it were a TPB or something? That's be awesome, and that is my only request good sir.

  4. Yup, Namor has actually been hanging out with the X-Men for a while now. I can't remember exactly when or why he joined up with the team(mainly because I hate Uncanny, Astonishing and Legacy)but yeah, Marvel's definitely playing up the Namor is a mutant thing, Marc.

    I LOVED BW #3 & 4, Falisha, so I'm def looking forward to reading this issue. That might just be on the top of the old, Must Read list.

    I'll definitely try to do a full, 6 issue review for Secret Origins, JT. I'm not sure when I'll get around to it, but I'll definitely put that on my to do list.

    So Storm/Gambit, BW #5 and Secret Origins? That should be PRETTY easy. I guess I'll see if anything catches my eye after I read it, and if it does I'll throw a quick review up for it.

  5. Awesome, thanks dude. I also wanna know why Storm and Gambit were paired up of all people.

  6. Aww glad you enjoyed them too. I'll proudly admit that the more I read BW the more I love the character. May have to go pick up some other issues from the comic shop.

    She's such a great character. I'm definitely looking forward to Issue 5, even though the art really disappoints me. Lol.

  7. Storm and Gambit actually have a pretty rich history together believe it or not, JT. Storm was the first X-Man Gambit met up with when he first appeared, and she was instrumental in him getting a spot on the team.

    You know, until you mentioned the art, Falisha, I didn't even notice it, but yeah, it's def not that good. It doesn't have that polished look to it... Oh well, maybe as the series rolls on it'll get better. Hopefully!

  8. Really? That's pretty interesting, I'll wait on your review to see if I should grab that issue.

  9. I read those issues where Gambit first appeared (to help out Storm) pretty recently, and...ugh. I'll eventually be articulating my thoughts a little better than that in a full review on my blog, but for now, yeah...just ugh!

    That seems really silly about Namor. He's a Fantastic Four character through and through, if you ask me. Heck, he's more of an Avenger than he is an X-Man!

  10. If memory serves me correctly, I think Storm was de-aged at the time. I actually have Gambit's first appearance(it's prob among my more valuable comics), but I haven't read it in YEARS! Probably not since I was like 12, 13 years old. So I remember very little about that story. Hopefully your review will help jog the ol' memory circuits, Marc.

    As for the comic itself, it was pretty decent, JT. I scanned the pages earlier tonight, but I probably won't be able to run the review 'til sometime tomorrow afternoon. I'll try to post that and the Shadowland: Moon Knight #1 comic(that nobody requested!)as well. After reading that comic, I can fully understand why nobody requested it!

  11. I was actually talking to Kello a few weeks ago and mentioned I'd never read a Gambit comic, I like the character from the X-Men cartoon and the Wolverine Movie and stuff but I've never actually read his comics, are there any recent ones you guys could recommend for me?

    Haha, Moon Knight was that bad eh? I can't say I'm all that surprised.

  12. Oh man, I can't wait to review that book now (it's Gambit Classic Vol. 1, by the way) guys are gonna get a real kick out of what I have to say, haha. For now, let's just say it's giving the Marvel Adventures trades some stiff competition for this year's "TPB Marc hated the most" award!

    And yes, Storm was de-aged in those early issues. Don't ask me why...even if I knew the answer, I'm trying my best to forget that ever happened.

    Oh and JT, you should never read a Gambit comic. Ever.

  13. Thank you for joining us this evening, X! We will have to chat more often in the future. And now that we've exhausted all possible jokes about our respective heights and ages, what shall we make fun of about ourselves and each other next? What kinds of pizza we like? Shoe sizes, perhaps? :)

  14. Recent Gambit recommendations? Sheesh, with how down on the X-Men I've been lately I don't think I'm the guy to ask, JT!

    There's a Gambit Classic trade out there? AND it has more then one volume?! Wow... I can't wait to read THAT review, Marc!

    It was a blast, Marc! I'll def be doing it again next week, without a doubt. Last night had to be the most I laughed at my computer screen since... well, maybe ever! I wouldn't say that I've exhausted all of my short jokes yet though... :D

  15. In that case maybe I'll stay away from it X, I don't wanna taint my memories of Gambit.

    Bring on the review Marc, Bring it on!

    Man I can't wait, that was so much damn fun, I'll never look at Midgets and children's Ice Skates again...

  16. Well, I'm a pretty disenchanted X-fan, so like I said I'm not the one to ask. You need to find a Yost fanboy! Then you'd be in business!

    "Man I can't wait, that was so much damn fun, I'll never look at Midgets and children's Ice Skates again..." HA!!!!!! I... I don't even know what to say about that! Hey, if nothing else it was educational! Now I know yet another usage for children's ice skates! Man was that some funny stuff!