Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Let's Talk About: Your all-time favorite comic book character.

Hey all, quick confession time... I've been EXTREMELY lazy since my last day of summer school last Thursday. Sure, I did put up a few posts on Sunday, but since I'm off from school(for another 6 days at least), I feel I should be putting a bit more work into this blog. Now, I could have finished the Robin post that's been sitting half done in my files for like two weeks now, but nuts to that, that's too much work! Instead, I'm going to do the easiest post imaginable, a post talking about my favorite comic book character. And in order to keep this post from becoming a rambling mess, I'm going to state who my favorite character is and why in one paragraph. Trust me, it's better like that... Early on in this blog I did a post about this character and it wound up being 3 pages and 1600+ words long, and I don't think ANYBODY wants to sift through a post like that! As always with these “Let's Talk About:” type posts, any and all comments are appreciated. If you're taking the time to read this post, why not take a few seconds to let me know who your favorite comic book character is and why. Trust me, I'd love to know.

So who is my all-time favorite comic book character? Well, it's pretty obvious, but allow me to state it anyway. Out of the thousands upon thousands of comic book characters I've read about, none of them grabbed my attention the way Nate Grey/X-Man did. Nate was the ultimate outsider. Even amongst his fellow outsiders(mutants), Nate stood alone. He is temperamental, irrational, impulsive and short-tempered, but still able to come across in a sympathetic manner. Nate came from a hellish environment, had to deal with the failings of his own body, and yet continued to soldier on. Sure, for the most part, the stories from the X-Man series ranged from okay to horrific, but it wasn't the stories that caused me to collect that entire series, it was Nate himself. For me, he's that rare breed of character that you can see some of yourself in. That's why Nate is my favorite character. I can relate to him. It's really as simple as that.

Now I figure I'll throw a few pictures into this post to show just what I like most about Nate...

He's got an awesome sense of fashion. I mean, check out that blue leather jacket with the yellow trim! Sweet!

He's a jerk!

And much like me, Nate has a way with words.

So there you have it, that's why Nate Grey is my favorite character. But what about you guys? Which character is your favorite? Drop me a comment, because I'd love to read which characters tickle the fancy of you guys. Until next time, X out.

Pfft, you all wish! I'M an X-Man!


  1. I like X-Man too, although I'm sure I haven't read nearly as much of him as you have, X. I did read those Counter X issues though, and I remember really liking them.

    As for my favorite character, I think it's fairly obvious: Stilt-Man.

    Nah, just kidding...actually, my real favorite is the Hypno-Hustler: http://comicbookdb.com/graphics/comic_graphics/1/149/23587_20061212103547_large.jpg

  2. And yes, I do own that issue of Spectacular Spider-Man. :)

  3. Yeah, the Counter X X-Man stuff was possibly the strongest of all the Counter X books. My ONLY gripe with them was the fact that it changed Nate's character pretty radically, but to be honest, he probably needed a bit of freshening up by that point.

    The Hypno-Hustler!? Really, or are you kidding!?! Marc, you have GOT to fill me in on this guy and let me know why he's your all time fav! Now THAT is one obscure character!

  4. Haha, only kidding about the Hypno-Hustler. My favorite character IS on that cover, though. :)

    Actually, I wrote a pretty long-winded explanation (too long to respost here in its entirety, I think) of why Spider-Man is my favorite here: http://www.tradereadingorder.com/forum/marvel-comics/the-spider-man-appreciation-thread/

    It's the third post. Enjoy, if you can manage to get through the whole thing!

  5. I was surprised myself when I sat and thought about who's my all-time favorite comic book character. X, you know Wonder Woman is my favorite but I've come to love Black Canary. After reading more stuff with her in it, she is just one bad ass character.

    Just everything about her is just remarkable. She's a hell of a fighter as well.

  6. Great post. I don't actually know much about X-Man but I remember him guest starring with Spidey a lot in the '90s. I remember Spidey and Nate had a bit of a friendship developing for a while.

    As for my favourite character, it's Superman. Byrne Superman, Earth 2 Superman, Reeves Superman or Routh Superman. Even Dean Cain Superman. It's all good. I absolutely love the character.

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  8. My favorite character is...... Surprisingly not Jason Todd. I gotta go with Batman. Because the mystique surrounding him, the fact he can go toe to toe with anyone. The fact the guy is so secretive, that it bit him in the ass, yet the same guy that cares enough to take in kids, that would otherwise be lost in the system or worse.

    Plus Batman has been the link between so many other characters I've grown to love like Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Stephanie Brown, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Babs Gordon, Tim Drake, Huntress, I was introduced to all these characters via the world of Batman, so he gets top pick for me, second would be Spider-Man though.

  9. Check you guys out with your mainstream picks! Spider-Man, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman? I have to admit that I am also a fan of each one of those characters.

    Spidey is Spidey. Stan Lee did such an amazing job of crafting that character. I mean he's one of the easiest characters to get into because he's so down to earth. Spidey is a regular guy with regular problems.

    Wonder Woman is a character that I've grown to really appreciate the past few years, as I haven't missed an issue of the current WW series. And it's funny you mention Black Canary, Falisha, 'cause I think I'd pick either her or Huntress as my favorite female character, with WW being a very close third.

    Superman is just a likable character. You know, he's just the embodiment of a good guy. If I had to choose the ultimate heroic character, I think I'd probably go with Supes.

    I've got to admit your answer surprised me a bit, JT! I was really expecting to see Jason Todd's name there, but who could fault you for going with Bats? You pretty much said everything I would have about him in your comment. He's BATMAN! What's not to like?! :-)

    I'll have to check out that post Marc. As for it being a bit long-winded, that's no problem for me! Have you seen some of my earlier posts?! I'd just go on and on and on...

    Yeah Paul, Nate and Spidey crossed over into each other's comics a few times. It was a great match actually, with Nate having vast power, but rarely taking responsibility for his actions, and Spidey always going on about the power/responsibility thing. It's too bad Marvel didn't hook them up more often actually... Maybe more Spidey appearances would have helped the X-Man series survive up to today.

  10. Oh I've seen some of those posts X, and I love 'em! Nothing like a good rant every once in a while, haha.

    I start to get a bit teary-eyed if I talk about my feelings on Spider-Man for too long...I certainly did when writing that long post. It's not just that I think he's a great character, but Spider-Man has been a part of my life for almost as long as I can remember. I think anyone who reads that post (and possibly the first review on my blog, of the Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus) I think they'll get a pretty good composite of who I am as a person and why I love comics.

    Spider-Man got me into comics; he brought me back years later. He grounds me. He is me. He's all of us, and that's what makes him special.

  11. Man I wish I had the time and money to collect Wonder Woman issues from the beginning lol.

    But Black Canary kicks ass. I mean if I could live the life of a comic book character, it would definitely be hers. Huntress is pretty bad ass too. She's another one of my fav's.

    And X, I'm right along with you about JT, I so thought his pick was going to be Jason Todd. lol. Batman surprised me, hell just a year ago me and him had the debate of why Batman was awesome, he just didn't like him. Lol. Batman is someone I never thought JT would like. Lol. I guess I don't know my baby 100% :-p lol

  12. Yeah Marc, that's exactly it with Spider-Man, he's SO easy to relate to. I mean some characters are just hard for me to relate to, with their exotic pasts, or convoluted origins, but Spidey is just the opposite. Who hasn't had to deal with the types of troubles Spidey has/had? That's why I like seeing which characters my fellow fans love the most. People usually choose the character they can relate to the most, so learning which character they like the most gives you a bit of a glimpse into that person's point of view/personality. At least that's what I think anyway.

    HA! So just a year ago JT wasn't into Batman, and now Bats is his favorite character!? You must have had a VERY convincing argument, Falisha!

  13. Haha, TWO years ago, then I wanted to see The Dark Knight which Falisha and I saw, then I started reading Graphic Novels (Joker by Azzarello) and Falisha grabbed The Long Halloween, I read it and bam, hooked for life.

  14. Lmao. My bad TWO years ago, time flies man. It really does. But yeah X, I liked B-Man from get and we had the convo about him and JT just didn't see him as being sweet ass hero. Lol. Now look at him!

  15. Ha! Well regardless of time, it was still Falisha who seems to have hooked you to Bats, JT. So out of curiosity, who would have been your pick before Falisha smartened you up? :P

  16. Haha honestly I'd have picked Spidey, or if not him Venom, since I'm a HUGE closet venom fan, before Mac Attack became Venom anyway,

  17. Lol. X you're so awesome. I think JT didn't want to admit his girlfriend led him to liking Batman!! lol.

    But I can vouche, He was such a Spider-Man fan. Lol. I think he still is. Hell he even persuaded me into getting Spider-Man two and three lol, and we watched all 3 in a marathon one thanksgiving. Lol.

    See JT, now we'ere even. Lol you made me a spidey fan and I made you a bats fan.

  18. "Lol you made me a spidey fan and I made you a bats fan." JT, you are one LUCKY man!

  19. Haha, I couldn't agree more X :P So lucky, Rabbits try to get my feet.

  20. LMAO. JT, that is why I love you.