Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Picto-Review: Superman #701

I couldn't resist doing a Picto-Review for this comic, because it's going to be such an easy post to do! Don't believe me? Then read on true believer!

Superman #701: Writer: J. Michael Straczynski. Pencils: Eddy Barrows

This issue begins with Superman deciding to take a stroll through Philadelphia. Why? Well, I guess we'll find out later on... Or will we???

After some walking Supes cleans out a storeroom and eats a Philly cheese steak.

Superman walked through the day and night...

Occasionally stopping to talk to some of the locals.

And as you can see, we end this issue with Superman walking out of Philadelphia. Now the question on everyone's mind is, which city will he walk through next???

What I Thought: Uh-huh... That was... what's the opposite of riveting? Because that's what this issue was. I mean, what exactly was the purpose of this? Usually I can read a comic and say, “Oh, this comic was about...” here, I had NO clue! Was Supes depressed over the destruction of New Krypton? Was he tired of Metropolis? Did he REALLY want a Philly cheese steak? I have no idea. All I know is that he walked through Philadelphia, stopped a few minor crimes and that's pretty much that. What a strange way for JMS to begin his Superman run, or should I say Superman walk? Ah-hahahah ugh.

Score: 5 out of 10.


  1. I'm shocked lol, I loved it. I think Supes, walking among us and solving our everyday problems instead of fighting Parasite or Metallo for the hundredth time was interesting, especially when he went and talked to the jumper, it was a very touching moment, I thought they showed Supes as a very human and down to earth person which is what he's trying to do while walking amongst us, but good review either way :P I like these picto-reviews alot.

  2. Another good review, X-Man! I haven't read the issue, but from the pictures, I'm not too impressed either. You say Superman stops to talk with the locals in one picture...but it seems more to me like he's talking AT them! To paraphrase:

    "I'm Superman. I know everything, including what's best for you." *walks away*

    I guess the idea of all this, like JT said, is to make the character seem more down to earth, like he's getting in touch with the common people. But he doesn't even converse with them! There's no way you can tell me he was too busy to stop and actually have a conversation with that old man. He's walking across the entire country, for God's sake...if he's taking the time to do that, he can stop and talk to people instead of just eating their sandwiches and walking away silently.

  3. Lmao @ Marc, good point and yeah I see what ya meant about the old dude, but in that first pic he wanted people to leave him alone because it was just a bunch of annoying reporters following him asking him the same questions over and over...

  4. ZZZZZZ..Huh? What? Where am I? What time is it? How embarassing, I must have fallen asleep at my keyboard while leaving a comment on Blogger.

    The last thing I remember is reading these scanned pages from this awful Superman comic and getting really drowsy. Supes just kept walking and nothing happened, and I think he passed Abbey Road or something, and then the story was over. I must have passed out from sheer boredom.

    Well, at least next month Superman will go back to normal. I mean they wouldn't possibly just let him walk around for the rest of the year.

  5. Cool, I posted this, went to study, came back and I already had 4 comments! Thanks guys! I'm definitely enjoying doing these Picto-Reviews, although I'm still not totally sold on the term “Picto-Review”...

    You know, I totally see where you're coming from JT. I really do, but Supes has already been established as a very salt of the Earth type of character. You know, Americana, mom and apple pie. I(and I'd guess most people)already know that about Supes, so if the purpose of this story was to show that Supes was down to Earth, why bother? Instead of Supes fixing cars and cleaning storerooms, give me Supes fighting giant robots or dealing with Lex Luthor! :P

    In all fairness Marc, Supes does take the time to talk to a suicidal woman, but other then that one indecent he just talks AT folks. The old guy in that scan, the reporters, the cops, and then at the end of the story he goes off on a weird tangent about what makes a super-hero... It was all really strange...

    HA! That's exactly how I felt Kello! I kept expecting to turn the page and see Bizarro tearing up a building or something, but instead Supes just walked and walked and walked... and then walked some more! "I mean they wouldn't possibly just let him walk around for the rest of the year." Nothing DC does anymore would surprise me! I can almost see it now; "Next month in Superman: Superman talks to a passing bicyclist, visits the new Giants Stadium and eats a hero at a local diner!"