Sunday, August 29, 2010

Picto-Review: Shadowland: Moon Knight #1

Shadowland: Moon Knight #1(of 3): Writer: Gregg Hurwitz. Pencils: Bong Dazo.

In this comic we discover that Khonshu, the Egyptian God Moon Knight is empowered by, has become annoyed with Moon Knight's lack of focus on his mission of vengeance.

One of Khonshu's agents(that weird Profiler guy)heads out and finds a new avatar to serve as Khonshu's deliverer of vengeance.

Moon Knight discovers that his long time girlfriend is pregnant with his child, but is called away from her by Steve Rogers, who asks him to get captured by the Hand to see exactly what Daredevil was doing to the people he was capturing in Shadowland.

So while Moon Knight is causing a ruckus in Hell's Kitchen, his pregnant girlfriend is being pummeled by Khonshu's new avatar, the Shadow Knight, ending this issue.

What I Thought: Ugh. What a waste of time THIS comic was. It was barely connected to the Shadowland storyline, and the Moon Knight stuff was pretty bad... I hated that Marlene(Moon Knight's pregnant girlfriend)was used as nothing more then a plot device to set up the Moon Knight/Shadow Knight confrontation. That reeked of lazy writing. It's sad to see that the whole, “Women in Refrigerators” plot device is still alive and well in comics. If not for the art this comic would have been a total waste of my time. The art was pretty, the story was pathetic.

Score: 3 1/2 out of 10.


  1. It sounds like this was more of an epilogue to the recently re-cancelled Moon Knight ongoing series than a legitimate tie-in to Shadowland. I read the beginning of the second to last series when Charlie Huston was writing it (up until Civil War or so), so I the Profiler definitely struck a bell when you mentioned him. If nothing else, maybe this miniseries will at least wrap up the loose ends from the ongoing for people who were following that book.

  2. Yeah, I definitely think you're right about this being little more then an epilogue. But I'm not interested in the Moon Knight series(that's why I dropped it around the same time you did!), I'm interested in the Shadowland story!

    Plus the way Marlene was used annoyed the hell out of me. Couldn't the writer come up with something better then, "Villain attacks hero's pregnant girlfriend/wife to gain hero's attention?" act?