Sunday, October 18, 2009

Testing, testing, testing...

Yeah, so this is going to be one of those (in)famous quickie posts that have little to nothing to do with comic books. I've got a pretty important Accounting test tomorrow which I should definitely start studying for and on top of that I'm starting to feel pretty crappy. And no, it's not because of the way the Giants and Jets played today(although that didn't help matters!), I think I may finally be catching whatever the hell everybody else has been sick with lately. On the plus side, I'm about 95% sure I should be receiving my recent comic book order in the mail tomorrow, and nothing makes me feel better faster then a box full of comic book goodness! So with any luck, I should have some reviews up for comics I'm actually looking forward to reading. If not, I'll be stuck reading what I'm sure will be another underwhelming x-comic or even worse, Dark Reign The List: Avengers #1... Please post office, don't make me resort to reading that! I think that's going to have to be enough for tonight, until next time, Long Live the Legion!


  1. Long live the Legion!

    ...Except for me. I've been felled in the latest issue of Hello Kello, lol.

  2. Yeah man, Matt took you out first! He even seems to have beat the hair off your head! If I were you, I'd DEMAND that Kello writes a solo story where you beat up Doomsday or something! ;)