Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Justice League of America #36

Writer: Len Wein, Pencils: Tom Derenick.

What Happened: The sad remnants of the Justice League are still trying to put an end to the recent crime spree of the Royal Flush Gang. Sadly it takes some assistance from Wonder Woman(who apparently felt like slumming)to capture the members of the Gang. Vixen explains to WW that the Gang has been hitting random targets all over the world, and that she can't figure out what their master plan is. WW decides to use her lasso on the Gang members, but before she can get any answers from the Gang members, they are all killed remotely by Amos Fortune. We then get an 8(!)page origin story from Amos, before this issue mercifully ends with Amos sending members of the Gang to strike at 3 spots simultaniously. Vixen responds by splitting the remaining members of the League into 3 teams, setting up the next issue.

What I thought: What the hell was THAT??? I buy this comic to read about the Justice League and instead I get an origin story for some fat guy who sits around playing games... Really? I mean REALLY?!? Gah, this was pretty terrible, from the villains, to the League, to the story. If you think Justice League: Cry For Justice is bad, read this comic to get a taste of what a bad JL comic book looks like!

Score: 4 out of 10.If you like fat guys named Amos, then this was the comic book for you!

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