Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Quick Look at Dark Reign: Young Avengers #4(of 5)

Writer: Paul Cornell. Pencils: Mark Brooks.

What Happened: We begin with the Young Avengers trying to convince Executioner that Kate Bishop and Hawkeye aren't one and the same. The Young Avengers then meet with the faux Young Avengers and offer Coat of Arms and Enchantress a spot on the Young Avengers, with the rest of the faux YA having to find a new name and continue working towards true heroism. Coat declines, not wanting to abandon her team, but Enchantress happily joins the YA. Melter of the faux YA is incredibly insulted that he was snubbed(plus he isn't pleased that his girlfriend, Enchantress, will be leaving), so he makes a call to Norman "Marvel" Osborn, which Coat overhears. Loki reveals to Osborn that Enchantress is a mortal who mistaken believes she is an Asgardian, and Osborn seems pleased by what was said during the phone call. Big Zero and Egghead decide to ruin Enchantress' chances of being a YA, and they download information about Enchantress' true identity to Vision. The YA promptly toss Enchantress off the team and she returns to the faux YA extremely displeased. Coat vaguely warns Speed that her teammates are up to something, but she refuses to divulge exactly what. This issue ends with the faux YA tricking the real YA into meeting them, where they are jumped by the faux YA and some members of the Dark Avengers.

What I Thought: Hey, I enjoyed this issue. But then again, I'm just happy that the Young Avengers are actually doing SOMETHING in the Marvel U. The story has been solid, the art is good, and the cliffhanger at the end definitely has me eagerly anticipating the final issue of this mini-series. I have to say, after reading this mini, I'm quite pleased Paul has been tasked with bringing back the greatest comic book character of all-time, X-Man(duh!), in the upcoming Dark X-Men mini-series. Paul can definitely write an entertaining comic.

Score: 8 out of 10.Boy is Enchantress barking up the wrong tree... Not only is Wiccan gay, he's, "Very, very gay!".

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