Monday, October 19, 2009

A Quick Look at Dark Reign The List: Daredevil #1

Writer: Andy Diggle. Pencils: Billy Tan.

What Happened: Daredevil is in the process of becoming the leader of his longtime enemies, the Hand. However, before he is declared the leader, he must undergo certain mental and physical tests. Meanwhile, a crooked judge and two crooked cops are literally cut to pieces on the streets of NYC, and Osborn believes the Hand was behind the killings. Since Daredevil is currently leading the Hand Osborn figures DD was responsible for the deaths, so he dispatches Bullseye to kill DD. Bullseye breaches the inner sanctum of the Hand with a few HAMMER soldiers and attacks DD and the Hand. After a quick battle, Bullseye hops on a helicopter and tries to escape, but is followed by DD. Bullseye leads DD to a condemned building in Hell's Kitchen where several squatters were living. DD is perplexed by Bullseye's actions, telling Bullseye that he is always defeated by DD, and that this time won't be any different. Bullseye then explains that the rules have changed and he proceeds to set off a massive bomb in the building under DD's feet, killing over 100 squatters before retreating. We find out that it wasn't a member of the Hand who killed the crooked judge and cops, it was Lady Bullseye, at the behest of Kingpin, who ordered the killings so Osborn would target DD. This issue ends with DD swearing revenge on Bullseye and Osborn.

What I thought: This was an interesting story. I do like the idea of putting DD as the leader of the Hand(although I don't think I like the new DD inspired Hand outfits), but I'm not really happy about DD going up against Osborn. He's more of a street vigilante, not a global hero. With that said though, if this story leads to DD vs. Bullseye, I'd be more than fine with that. That is one rivalry I can honestly say I can never get enough of. This is where Bullseye belongs, tormenting DD, not working on the Avengers. DD's next move should be VERY interesting.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Ah, this is how I like Bullseye... Completely and utterly evil, not pretending to be a hero.


  1. Bullseye's inclusion on the Dark Avengers really is the only feasible reason for DD to even be involved with the whole Dark Reign thing. Man, DD had a very minimal role in Civil War and Secret Invasion. He's such a loner.

  2. It was great to see Bullseye running around in the black and white again.

    That's probably why Daredevil's comic has been so good for so long now, he isn't involved in all of the stupidity permeating the Marvel Universe nowadays. Unfortunately that looks like it's about to change...