Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Quick Look at Green Arrow/Black Canary #25

Writer: Andrew Kreisberg. Pencils: Mike Norton.

What Happened: Ollie wakes up naked in an alley in Star City with no knowledge of how he got there or what had happened to him the past several hours. Some friendly bums give him some clothing and he decides to make his way back home. Cupid dresses some guy up as Green Arrow and ties him to a bed, intending to sleep with him, but she ends up shooting him in the head instead. Ollie spots some guys robbing a grocery store and he decides to stop them, but winds up nearly getting knocked down by one of the crooks. Before the crook can shoot Ollie, several green arrows hit the crooks clothing, pinning him to the wall. Ollie catches a glimpse of an archer dressed in green on a rooftop and he decides to duck into the sewer instead of facing the green clad archer. Ollie emerges from the sewer in front of his home, and he rings the bell, which brings Speedy and Black Canary to the door. Before Ollie can enter the door, a green arrow comes hurtling towards him, but luckily Speedy shoots it out of the air with an arrow of her own. The three heroes look around and Green Arrow(?!)leaps off a nearby building, preparing to attack Ollie. Next up was the Black Canary Second Feature which instead featured Speedy telling Lian Harper a bedtime story about BC... Um, yeah...

What I thought: Well this was a train wreck! This was NOT one of Andrew's better efforts. The main story was just bizarre(so is Green Arrow trying to kill Ollie, or help him?)and don't even get me started on the Black Canary Second Feature, which didn't actually feature Black Canary at all!!! And of course we had our obligatory Cupid portion of the comic, because the series title is Green Arrow/Black Canary/Cupid now... This whole comic was just very weird... Maybe next issue things will get better, but I'm not holding my breath on that one!

Score: 5 out of 10.You know what the funniest thing was? The next page had absolutely NOTHING to do with this scene!


  1. This comic book sounds terrible. I feel like DC has no idea what direction they want to take these characters in.

  2. Sad thing is I liked this comic, read the first 15 issues back to back and now it's just awful. Why have a second feature when both of the characters are main characters. That could be used for Roy or someone.

  3. Kello, this comic IS terrible! I think you summed it up perfectly, with Ollie and Hal back together, Dinah and this series just don't fit anywhere.

    Yeah Jason, this series used to be good. After Judd Winick left though, this series really began to fall apart. What Andrew did with the Second Feature this month really blew my mind! Instead of continuing the main story but from Dinah's point of view, we were given a bedtime story about Dinah! It was REALLY bad!