Friday, October 9, 2009

A Quick Look at Green Lantern #46

Writer: The comic book GOD himself, Geoff Johns. Pencils: Doug Mahnke.

What Happened: This issue opens with Zamaron, the homeworld of the Star Sapphires, under siege by the Black Lanterns. Carol Ferris(who is a Star Sapphire now)and Sinestro(who was on Zamaron trying to free captured members of his Corps), try to combat the menace of the BL's, but refuse to work together. Eventually Hal and Indigo-1 arrive and Hal explains to Carol that the only way the BL's can be destroyed is if they combine powers, which they do to some success. Unfortunately though, the BL infestation is too far advanced on Zamaron and the BL's manage to breach the Star Sapphire's power battery, forcing the retreat of the remaining Sapphires, as well as Hal, Carol, Indigo-1 and Sinestro. Indigo-1 brings the group to Korugar, where Sinestro finds Mongul, the man who tried to usurp his Corps and has conquered Sinestro's homeworld. Sinestro and Mongul battle, and Sinestro demands that the others stay out of the fight. Mongul uses his massive strength to over power Sinestro and is about to deliver the killing blow when Sinestro explains that since he designed the yellow power rings, he can always retake control of them. With that, Sinestro uses the yellow rings adorning Mongul's fingers to utterly decimate Mongul. Sinestro stops short of killing Mongul though, not wanting him to become a member of the BL's. This issue then ends with Hal and Sinestro coming face-to-face with Abin and Arin Sur, Abin being Hal's predecessor and Arin being Sinestro's one time lover.

What I thought: You know, I was a few pages into this comic and I have to admit, I was feeling a bit let down. The stuff on Zamaron just didn't really interest me much. Then the scene shifted to Korugar, and this comic picked up a thousandfold! Not only was the battle between Mongul and Sinestro amazing, the dialogue and artwork were spectacular! The last 2/3rds of this comic were absolute comic book perfection to me. Next issue's showdown between Abin Sur and his former best friend(Sinestro)and replacement(Hal)should be incredible. I honestly can't wait.

Score: 9 1/2 out of 10.There were a lot of great action scenes from this comic I could have posted, especially the stuff with Mongul and Sinestro, but I decided to go with this pic because Hal's line about Sinestro's hair had me laughing aloud!

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