Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Quick Look at Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus

Writer: Matt Fraction. Art: Mike Deodato, Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson.

What Happened: Norman(Marvel)Osborn brings the combined forces of the Dark X-Men and Avengers to Cyclops' Utopia island and attacks the X-Men present there. Unfortunately for Osborn(and me), Cyclops has all the bases covered. He eliminates Ares from the battle by having him face Hela, and he gets rid of Sentry by having Emma Frost enter his mind(although it seems she may have let the Void out as well). In the end, it comes down to Norman and Moonstone against an army of mutants. Instead of killing the lot of them and looking bad in the eyes of the world, Norman orders a hasty retreat from the island. Cyclops is pleased that he stole a portion of the US to live on off the coast of California and Osborn spins it to the media that with the X-Men no longer living on US soil, San Fransisco is safe from the mutant menace that Cyclops and his X-Men represented.

What I thought: At least this x-over started off well enough... The last few chapters of Utopia were just terrible. I can't believe that Cyclops was allowed to steal a piece of the United States of America and get away with it!!! I don't care how Osborn spins it, you can't lose a chunk of California and claim victory! Ugh, there really wasn't anything I liked about this issue. Daken being defeated by X-23, Armor and Pixie??? Are you serious? What the hell was Matt on when he wrote that?!? Weapon Omega wasn't able to defeat Wolverine one-on-one? That's also a hard one to swallow. Basically, the Dark Avengers/X-Men looked like complete chumps in this series, while the Uncanny X-Men came out smelling like roses... Care to guess which series Matt Fraction writes? This was definitely a huge letdown for me.

Score: 3 out of 10.If only they would have killed them all... Why? Why has Marvel decided to ruin the X-titles? Why? What have I done to deserve this?


  1. They didn't take a piece of California to live on, but a submerged Asteroid M.

  2. Yup. Well kind of... He was in his Archangel form when he fought Bullseye, and that battle was given WAY too little space in this comic.

  3. Wait, didn't they just take the land they were living on when they moved to Cali and plant those thrusters on the bottom of it?

    You could definitely be right though, I've been down on the X-Men since they threw Prof. X off the team and moved out of X-Mansion. Didn't Cable do something similar to that with Avalon/Providence?

  4. Cool, thanks for the confirmation Robert. I still don't understand why the US government would want a bunch of radical mutants living right off their shore.

    Out of curiousity, which issue did they actually say it was Asteroid M? I don't know how I missed that one...

  5. I'm not exactly sure. I just read the spoilers somewhere on the Internet.

  6. Just to satisfy my curiousity, I pulled out Dark Avengers #8(part 5)and Exodus(part 6)and gave them both a re-read, and NOWHERE in either story did it say the X-Men had raised Asteroid M out of the ocean. So needless to say I was kind of dumbfounded.

    Then I checked out the first page of Exodus, which summarizes what had been happening in the x-over up to that point, and right at the end it casually mentions that the X-Men had pulled Asteroid M out of the bottom of the sea! Shouldn't some mention of Asteroid M have been put SOMEWHERE in the actual story? Weird...

  7. im gonna be completly honest i aways thoought that (minus the matsomura blade claw) x-23 was aways a much badasser fighter and killing machine but her and daken are still cose to even
    but if u did add the other 2 mutants agenst him im damn sure daken would lose not to be rude just saying
    holy crap u reallydid not like this story what exactly did u hate about the whole idea of them creating an island to be a safe haven for mutants not really much difrence than having the mansion be a safe haven for them

  8. Wow, I did this a while ago... It's terrible! :D

    Daken is one of those characters that I'm a huge fan of, so seeing anybody take him down does tend to annoy me a bit. Although the recent Daken/X-23 x-over actually went a long way in having me realize that X-23 might be the better hand to hand fighter, although I still say Daken would win either by cheating or with his pheromone powers.

    The Utopia thing bugs me because I just can't fathom the US government allowing a bunch of renegade mutants living off their coast... I mean if you were living in California, wouldn't it alarm you a bit that like 100 ticking time-bombs were living RIGHT off the coast from you? At least if they're living at X Mansion you can sort of keep an eye on them(if you're the gov't). Right now they're a dictatorship being led by one man(Lord Summers) who could easily say, “Today we attack San Francisco!” if he wanted to... It just disturbs me is all.