Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mighty Avengers #29

Plot: Dan Slott, Script: Christos Gage, Pencils: Khoi Pham.

What happened: We start off with some background information concerning the Unspoken and the Slave Engine which he took and hid from his fellow Inhumans while he was their king. In the present, the Chinese Army attacks the Unspoken but end up failing miserably. Back in Infinite Avengers Mansion, Ronin(who used to be Hawkeye)saves the Young Avengers from an attack by the Scarlet Witch(who is actually Loki). In another part of the Mansion, Pym embarks on some kind of experiment which sends him through the Macroverse. Back at the fight, Scarlet Witch knocks Clint out of her way and attacks the combined forces of the Young Avengers and Clint. Meanwhile, the Unspoken has arrived at the Slave Engine and is confronted by US Agent, Quicksilver and a few members of the Chinese super team. Unspoken reveals the true purpose of the Slave Engine to the gathered heroes, it devolves humans into Alpha Primitives, who are the slave caste of the Inhumans. Unspoken powers up the Slave Machine and US Agent as well as two members of the Chinese team begin to devolve into Alpha Primitives. Back at Infinite Avengers Mansion, Clint tells the Young Avengers to distract the Scarlet Witch so he can determine if she is who she claims to be. How does Clint do that? He plants a big old lip lock on the stunned Witch! After letting go, Clint is positive the lips he kissed weren't the same as the lips of his former longtime teammate. The Scarlet Witch becomes incensed and attacks Clint, but gives the Young Avengers an opening to attack her/him, which they do with gusto. Wiccan casts a spell which begins to reveal Loki's true form to the Young Avengers and Clint, but Loki reverses it and leaves in a huff, promising death to all. This issue ends with Stature finally able to tell Clint and her teammates about the emergency transmission from Quicksilver which was blocked by the Scarlet Witch.

What I thought: I really, REALLY enjoyed this issue! This series is EXACTLY where Clint Barton belongs, with a bow in his hand, not in that mockery of a comic, “New Avengers”. Reading this comic reminded me of all the great old Avengers stories before BENDIS dug his fingers into the series and tore all of the good away. If you're like me, and you're sick of BENDIS' bastardization of the Avengers, do yourself a favor and give this series a shot.

Score: 9 out of 10."Dirt-crawling worms"? "Gutter Magic"? That's some of the best comic book dialogue EVER!!! If I were to become a magician, I'd definitely use gutter magic on my foes!

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