Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Quick Look at Green Lantern Corps #41

Writer: Peter Tomasi. Pencils: Patrick Gleason.

What Happened: Green Lanterns Soranik and Iolande are battling the Black Lanterns in the Green Lantern infirmary on Oa, and they aren't exactly doing a very good job of saving the injured GL's. The two Lantern's finally decide to evacuate the remaining injured GL's to the sentient GL planet, Mogo. Guy Gardner and one of the dead lost Lantern's fight, and Guy realizes he's fighting a losing battle after he burns the lost Lantern's skin away and the lost Lantern continues to regenerate. From there, Guy beats a hasty retreat to figure out what to do. Kyle is still battling his dead girlfriend, BL Jade, and Iolande tells Soranik to go and help Kyle while she continues on to Mogo. While Soranik and Kyle take on BL Jade, Arisia has to deal with three generations of her family, all former Green Lanterns. After a pitched battle, she manages to defeat her dead family members. Kilowog and several GL rookies try to hold their own against the legion of BL's, but every single GL rookie is swiftly murdered by Kilowog's old drill instructor, Ermey. Kilowog and BL Ermey battle and Kilowog manages to gain the upper hand, but he makes the possibly fatal mistake of getting too close to BL Ermey, who begins to tear Kilowog's heart from his chest. GL's Vath and Isamot wind up getting overrun by an army of BL children, but are saved by the timely arrival of one of the Indigo Lanterns, ending this issue.

What I thought: This was probably as good an issue of this series could have been during the Blackest Night x-over. Let's face it, nothing really huge can happen here. Any real major occurrences are going to take place in either Green Lantern or the main Blackest Night mini-series(both written by Geoff Johns). With that said, I thought Peter told as good a story as he could have. The only complaint I had was that the scenes switched too quickly, giving us only a glimpse of each battle. I would have preferred to have read more about Kyle, Soranik and Jade, or Kilowog and Ermey, but I think Peter was trying to show just how vast and chaotic the situation on Oa was. Oh, and the Black Lantern children were super creepy!

Score: 8 out of 10.Hey, not for nothing, but Black Lantern Jade is telling the truth here. Kyle has a pretty abysmal track record with women.


  1. I originally skipped your review for fear of spoilers, but now that I can look at your post I have to laugh at how similar our reviews are...right down to the scans! Good work, X-Man.

  2. Muy creepy indeed Kello... It's as if we're sharing the same brain, and if that's the case, I feel badly for you!