Thursday, October 15, 2009

The awesomeness that is X-Factor #49

Writer: Peter David. Pencils: Valentine De Landro.

What Happened: This issue starts off with Rictor, Guido and Shatterstar travelling back to Detroit, after all the stuff with the Reverend Madrox. Shatterstar manages to teleport the three of them to Detroit, which is something new for him, and from Detroit he teleports the trio to Cortex. Back in the future, Jamie, Layla and the members of the Summers Rebellion defeat some Sentinel robots, while old Dr. Doom and old Cyclops have a very interesting conversation. Back in the present, Cortex attacks the heroes and manages to strangle Shatterstar with his detached arm, while knocking Guido out with a massive energy blast. With the Sentinels disposed of in the future, Jamie and company head to old Doom's lab where they discover that Doom has managed to get a fix on Cortex's position in the timestream. Doom brings Cortex to the future, and Jamie is stunned to discover that Cortex is one of his dupes. This issue ends with Doom, having overridden Cortex's original programming, telling Cortex that his new objective is to kill all mutants(!!!).

What I thought: This was easily one of the best comic books I have read all year. I'm continuously amazed by the awesomeness that is Peter David's writing. Where do I even start? This issue started out with some of the funniest dialogue you'll ever read in a comic book. Guido's conversation with Rictor was laugh out loud hilarious! The dialogue in that scene was an absolute treat to read. The way Peter managed to mix some levity into Guido's obvious discomfort over Rictor and Shatterstar's kiss was further proof that he is definitely one of the best comic writers ever. Yes, ever. From there we get some sweet fight scenes between the Summer's Rebellion and some futuristic Sentinels. The artwork was beautifully done, and I really hope Valentine sticks around this title for a long time. The conversation between Cyclops and Doom was also a thing of beauty. Doom's speech about humans, mutants and villains was just wonderfully done, and summed up humanity's hatred of mutants as well as anything I've ever read. And then there was the splendid and completely surprising ending, where Doom decides to use Cortex as his own personal weapon against mutantkind. This issue really showcases why X-Factor is not only the best x-title on the market today(by a WIDE margin), but also one of the best comic books being published today, period. THIS is the way an x-comic should be!!!!!

Score: 10+ out of 10.There were so many awesome scenes in this comic that I honestly couldn't choose which one to post, so I just randomly turned to a page and scanned and posted this one.

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