Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Quick Look at Adventure Comics #3

Writer: The comic book GOD himself, Mr. Geoff Johns. Art: Francis Manapul.

What Happened: While at school in Smallville, Superboy realizes that Krypto has been defeating and collecting SB's old rogues gallery and depositing them nearby for SB. SB rushes outside and scolds Krypto for potentially giving away his secret identity and placing Ma in jeopardy, but upon realizing Krypto was only trying to help, he apologizes for scolding Krypto and takes his rogues to Blackgate prison. From there, SB takes Krypto to Lex Luthor's childhood home with the hope that Krypto could pick up Lex's scent and take him to where Lex was hiding. Unfortunately, Krypto is unable to latch onto Lex's scent, so SB has Krypto take him to the best detective he knows, his best friend, Red Robin. After helping RR apprehend a crook and get a hold of a Mother Box, RR and SB head to one of Lex's old labs underneath Paris. The two do some bonding, but unfortunately for SB, RR is unable to figure out where Lex is hiding. So where is Lex? This issue ends with Lex Luthor, still aboard Brainiac's ship, deciding to head down to Smallville to retake custody of "his" property, Superboy.

What I thought: I liked this issue. It wasn't amazing or anything, but it was a very good comic book. I like that Geoff is trying to reestablish Superboy in the DCU by having him meet up with all of his friends and allies again, but I'm ready for some action now! The first three issues of this series have consisted of little more then SB talking to his old teammates and friends. Although I'm hesitant to question the wisdom of the comic book GOD himself, I kind of think all of this meet and greet stuff could/should have been taken care of in the first issue, with the proceeding issues dealing with SB vs Lex Luthor or whoever SB decides to battle. But since I did like this issue, that's neither here nor there I guess. Next issue features the amazingly AWESOME Superboy Prime, the character I most love to hate, before issue #5 finally gives us the Superboy Lex Luthor showdown. I definitely can't wait for that! Oh yeah, there was a Legion of Super-Heroes Second Feature here as well, but since it didn't star my Legion(the Three-peat Legion)I really didn't feel like reading it, so I basically skimmed it.

Score: 8 out of 10.You know, I really wish Lex and Brainiac had their own mini-series. It could be like a new age odd couple.

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