Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Quick Look at Daredevil #501

Writer: Andy Diggle. Art: Roberto De La Torre.

What Happened: This issue opens with Daredevil blaming himself for Bullseye's actions in Dark Reign The List: Daredevil. Master Izo comes along to hear DD out, but all DD wants to do is wallow in self-pity, which rapidly begins to grate on Izo. DD explains that he plans on leading the Hand, and that he'll use them as a force for good in NYC. Izo tells DD that's absurd, since the Hand by their very nature are pure evil. DD then tells Izo that the Hand require a sacrifice before they agree to follow him and DD has chosen Izo as that sacrifice, at which point Izo is ambushed by a slew of Hand ninjas. Izo puts up a brave fight, but is eventually captured. Foggy Nelson blames himself for DD's recent self-destructive actions, and Kingpin spreads the word on the streets that he's an inept crimelord, with his intent being that he wants his enemies to overlook him and fight amongst themselves until he's ready to consolidate his position as New York's top crimeboss again. This issue ends with DD seemingly killing Izo in front of an army of Hand ninjas. Upon confirmation of Izo's death, the ninjas all bow down before Lord Daredevil, undisputed leader of the Hand.

What I thought: Since this was the first issue for the new creative team on this series, I'm willing to give them a lot of leeway before I begin to complain. This issue was good, and went a long way in establishing DD as a more brutal hero. Of course that runs VERY counter to his mythos, but I'm not exactly sold that what I read in this comic happened exactly as it may have seemed. In other words, I really don't think Izo is dead. I think Izo and DD planned on his capture by the Hand, and his "death". For a guy who's been alive as long as Izo, I'm pretty sure faking his death wouldn't be all that tough, especially since DD "killed" him with a punch to the chest. Maybe if DD would have shot or decapitated Izo, I'd say, "Yeah, Izo's definitely dead.", but I think Izo faked his death in order to give DD the sacrifice he needed to gain control of the Hand. If not Izo, DD would have had to kill a random, innocent person and there's no way DD would ever do that. My guess? When Andy is finished with the "Daredevil is leading the Hand now" storyline, Izo returns and along with DD, White Tiger and Black Tarantula, Izo finally puts an end to the Hand. Good story, although I'm really not buying Izo's death at all.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.So are there ANY heroes left in the Marvel Universe who haven't turned evil/murderous in recent months?

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