Saturday, April 20, 2013

Captain America #6

Ah, now this is what I need!  After the massive miss that was AU #6, I need a good series to sink my teeth into.  And you aren't gonna get much better than this series.  Let's see what happens to Cap as he nears the end of his time in Dimension Z.

Captain America #6: 

Summary: Cap manages to breach Zola's inner castle, and starts the slow fight through Zola's army of idiots.  As for Zola, we learn he is trying to create a perfect clone of Cap, with the intention of sending it back to Earth, where it can betray and kill the Avengers.  With the Avengers finished, Zola figures he'd be able to conquer Earth with little resistance.  Jet is still perplexed as to why Cap chose to spare her during their battle, and ponders if Zola's way is indeed the right way.  Regardless, she collects Ian to meet Zola.  Ian naturally wants nothing to do with Zola, so Zola decides to reprogram him into thinking Cap is an evil man who was always putting children in danger...  No, silly Zola, that's Batman!  Jet takes a shower, and upon exiting it, she is confronted by a crazed Cap, who demands to know where is son was at the point of a gun.  Jet laughs at that, since she doesn't believe Cap will pull the trigger.  However, it seems that he does(!).  This one ends with Ian beginning to see things the Zola way.

Thoughts: Damn is this comic good...  Seriously, it's fantastic!  This issue was no different.  I couldn't wait to turn each page, hoping that Cap would manage to reach Ian before Zola's brainwashing took effect.  Besides the story here, the characters are SO well thought out!  You have Cap, whose only thoughts are of rescuing his son.  You have Jet, and her growing attraction to Cap.  Next, you have Zola, who revealed to us his master plan of conquering the Earth.  Finally, you have poor Ian, who seems to have been brainwashed by Zola's machines.  That's actually the thing I'm most worried about...  That at the end of this storyline, Cap and Jet wind up heading back to Earth, while Ian remains evil and stays with Zola.  I SO want Ian to head back to Earth with Cap, and possibly take up the Bucky mantle.  I'm starting to get the feeling that's not gonna happen though...  Looking past my wishful thinking though, this was a great issue, in a long line of them with this series.

Score: 9 out of 10.

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  1. Ditto. I was totally convinced that Ian was going to Earth with Steve at some point after last issue, but, now, I'm just wondering if Steve is going to leave Dimension Z sane. My only criticism at this point is that I'm starting to have a hard time remembering what happened from issue to issue. Remender seems to be writing for the trade and I feel like it's starting to show. Plus, I will say that, you know, maybe Steve could get a win at some point...