Thursday, April 11, 2013

Age of Ultron #5

X here with the first new review of the week, the fifth issue of Age of Ultron.  Since this issue marks the halfway point in this event, we should start to see the assorted heroes plans come together.  To be honest, all I'm really hoping for is that this issue is better than last issue...  Because that last issue...  Sheesh...

Age of Ultron #5(of 10): 

Summary: The remaining heroes manage to find Nick Fury's secret Savage Land hideout and break in, at which time they find Nick Fury(that would be senior, not junior).  Fury tells everybody he was awaiting somebody to arrive so he could go through with his plans.  Those plans?  Use a time platform(that he magically acquired or something) and head to the future to take the fight to Ultron.  On the other hand, Wolverine thinks it would be more prudent to go back in time to kill Hank Pym so he would never create Ultron.  Although killing Pym would have huge repercussions if you think about his contributions to the Marvel U.  I say go back in time and kill Wolvie, thus saving ALLLL of his many victims.  Fury takes Rulk, Cap and Iron Man into the future and has the rest of the group hang back.  This issue ends with Wolverine deciding he was going back in time regardless of what anybody said to kill Pym.

Thoughts: Eh.  This series is rapidly losing me...  It really doesn't feel like an event, it feels like one of Bendis's many lackluster Avengers tales.  I don't feel the same sense of importance or dread that something like, say, Fear Itself, gave me.  Fear Itself seemed more important.  This?  With the heroes parading through time to undo mistakes?  It feels like a forgone conclusion that Ultron is going to lose(we STILL haven't seen Ultron Prime yet!), and the heroes will simply retcon everything at the end of this series.  I know Marvel keeps promising a huge shock at the end of this event, but I'm not even psyched for that.  The wheels sure fell off of this one quicker than I anticipated.

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.
age of ultron #5
Even the scan for this issue is boring!


  1. I actually used almost the same phrase to describe this (the wheels falling off the bus), so I'm glad we're in agreement. The problem I see at this point is that the only believable ending is for Wolverine and his team to kill Hank Pym. But, as Spidey warns, the repercussions of that would be huge and we'd have another re-boot on our hands. Given that they just launched Marvel NOW!, it seems unlikely that they'll go that route. It's also unlikely they'll leave the world destroyed, so we just absolutely seem destined for everything to revert to the status quo. I'd be cool with that if I were enjoying the story, but these last few issues have been pretty rushed. It had such great potential at the start, but I just don't see myself being happy at the end.

  2. LOL why is it that Bendis always writes Wolverine to be a sociopath whose solution for everything is murder? It wouldn't be so bad, but that characterization is so 70's-80's. Wolverine has evolved greatly since those days, and the way Bendis writes him flies against everything the character has come to stand for in his own book, and really every other modern appearance he has.