Sunday, April 14, 2013

Avenging Spider-Man #19

Hey blog readers! It's a JT day so don't worry, you won't have to deal with X unless he unceremoniously crashes this review after I've set it to post. I wouldn't doubt it because he's become a thorn in my side, much like Peter to Doc Ock currently. And that beautiful segue was to get us here, so I could say, It's Avenging Spider-Man Time!

 Avenging Spider-Man #19

Summary: This issue gets underway with Spider-Man waking up in the middle of the street of an abandoned city. He quickly realizes things are not what they seem as he sees a version of himself as a child, Aunt May in a wedding dress, and he's suddenly attacked by a ghostly version of Peter Parker. This is interrupted by a giant Octopus attacking and the Superior Spider-Man is surprisingly afraid and tries to run away. As Spidey has this nightmare, we see in the real world he's basically being controlled while asleep, as he's fighting the Sleepwalker, as he desperately tries to wake Spider-Man up. In his dreams, Ock decides to try to attack this Octopus, which turns into a dark outline of Doctor Octopus, and reveals himself to be Doc Ock's father. The Superior Spider-Man in so scared he can't move, but he's saved by The Sleepwalker enters his nightmare and saves him, while also fighting Spider-Man's demon infested body. Yep... Turns out a Fear Worm (Yep...) had taken control of Doc while he was saving people from someone else it was controlling, and now The Sleepwalker has come to help him. Sleepwaker asks Spidey about all the Doc Ock stuff in his dreams, and Spidey quickly says it must be from guilt from not being able to save Ock before he died. When the Fear Worm returns, wearing Norbert Octavius' face, Doc Ock almost contemplates giving up because he's so afraid of his father, but fights back, saying Otto may have been afraid but he's not Otto, he's the Superior Spider-Man, as he beats the Fear Worm to a pulp, causing it to beg for mercy. Yep... Sleepwalker and Spidey destroy the worm and Sleepwalker apologizes to Spider-Man, which leads to Spidey saying it was his fault it happened and to do a better job keeping those things under control. The issue comes to an end with Ock remarking how he'd beaten that dream, but some things seemed so real, as we see the scene of Peter trying to take his body back from Doc Ock.

Thoughts: This issue was really miss for me. Maybe it's because I don't know much about the Sleepwalker, maybe it's because I immediately realized the fat kid was Otto but he didn't recognize himself as a kid until halfway through the issue... some genius. This issue just fell flat for me. It seemed kind of unnecessary, where at least the other issues Ock was rebuilding the Sinister Six, nothing really happened here. So, I can see some people enjoying this issue, I just wasn't one of them.

Score: 4/10

Spider-Man: Doctor Octopus was one of the greatest geniuses...
Sleepwalker: The Fat Guy with the arms, right?

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