Sunday, April 7, 2013

All New X-Men #10

Hey Guys and Gals, JT here with my second review of the week, my All New X-Men review. Considering this has been one of my favorite series since Marvel NOW started, which should be obvious since I haven't let X review an issue yet, let's see how the Jean Grey School deals with Cyclops and his team showing up on their front lawn.

All New X-Men #10

Summary: In this issue, Cyclops and his X-Men offered a spot to any of Wolverine's students that wanted to leave the Jean Grey School and join Cyclops at the New Xavier school, which enrages Wolverine. Team Cyclops decide to leave and let the Students, Staff, and Original Five talk it over, and tells Young Cyclops to ask about how they got the Phoenix Force. Young Scott asks Beast and he explains how Stark caused the Phoenix Force to inhabit most of Cyclops' team. Young Scott is upset, saying Beast didn't tell him the full story, and starting to defend his future actions, but the conversation is cut short when Cyclops and his team return. They ask who's going with them and of course the weird psychic triplets join to be with Emma. The team waits and it seems one of the Original Five has taken Cyclops up on his offer but we don't see who. Obvious money is on Jean or Angel. Also, we see that Mystique and Sabretooth, along with female Mastermind have used her abilities to rob banks and such, and Maria Hill and S.H.I.E.L.D. are aware of this and warn the X-Men to be on the lookout for them.

Thoughts: This was a pretty average issue but I still liked it. I really liked Mystique and her team robbing people but making it look like it was Wolverine and the Original Five, that's genius and a great way to villainize the X-Men. I also liked Scott defending his future actions to Beast upon learning the whole story. The best part was watching Scott then show the leader that he is by turning around and arguing with future Scott and defending why he and the other four Originals had decided to stay in hopes of changing things. Like I guessed above, Jean will probably go undercover for the team with Cyclops, which would be interesting with Emma around, I'd enjoy that. I could easily see it being Angel though, considering he doesn't want to be there. Either way, I'm continuing to enjoy this comic, and that's always good.

Score: 7/10

Young Scott: You wouldn't take a second chance if you were given it?
Emma Frost: No one gave you anything. You're stealing it.


  1. I liked it, but Wolverine's face looked weird throughout the whole issue. I guess he had Taco Bell or something...

    1. There was some comments about having a different artist for this issue.

  2. This was the first issue that fell flat for me. It almost seemed like TOO much...other stuff had to be read ahead of time. I totally skipped Avengers Vs X-Men so some of the Phoenix stuff left me scratching my head. And like the Uncanny reboot LAST year where there was a trench coat and fedora wearing character that was NEVER explained to me, what the HELL is Krakoa doing posing as the front yard?!!?!!!?

  3. I think it is obviously going to be Jean who will go undercover to find out what they are doing. I am pretty sure Jean is the only one out of the original five that Cykes couldn't say no to, plus Wolvie looked pissed.

  4. arw, That Taco bell line cracked me up.

    MOCK! I didn't read Wolverine and the X-Men long, I read the first issue, but I recall seeing something about Krakoa living in/as the front yard or something stupid, that's a reason I stopped reading.

    Jermox, I was thinking Jean since she can "go undercover" like ya said, so yeah she's the obvious choice with my lesser choices being Warren or Young Beast, which I doubt.

  5. Angel and Jean were my guesses, too, for exactly the reason that you laid out here. I also keep finding myself agreeing with Scott, which is uncomfortable. It's hard to argue, as he said, that he isn't just doing what Hank did in bringing back the original X-Men. (Plus, Hank can't blame his insane actions on being possessed by a cosmic power as Scott can.)

    Given how badly Bendis fumbled "Age of Ultron" #4, I thought he did a great job with this transition issue. Scott delivers his stump speech to the last group who needs to hear it (the X-Men), everyone choses their side, and now we're ready to move to the next phase. I'm excited to see where we go.