Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #19

Hola comic fans, JT here and my second review of the week is none other than Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. After getting web shooters a few issues back, becoming a member of the Ultimates and seemingly winning over Spider-Woman, what's next for Miles? One word, Venom.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #19

Summary: We start this issue seeing Miles swing around the city, still getting used to web-slinging when he runs out of web fluid and falls onto a lamp post, which is seen by a crowd. An embarrassed Miles hightails it out of there. in class, Ganke asks him about it and Miles says he's out of fluid, but Ganke's got this covered, according to Ganke, as a young girl who is clearly infatuated with Miles smiles at him, unbeknownst to him and Ganke. From there we see Venom blow up what is now the abandoned Oscorp building for some reason, and we then jump over to the Daily Bugle as we see Detective Maria Hill asking J. Jonah Jameson questions about Betty Brant, who was murdered in 16.1 issue by Venom. Jameson tells her he doesn't know who killed Betty and explains tha the last time he saw her she was trying to sell the info of who Spider-Man was but he wanted no part of it, because he realizes they need Spider-Man and if his identity is out then there is no Spidey. Back with Miles and Ganke, Ganke has figured out what they need to make web fluid, using money he saved to buy the exclusive Lego Death Star but Ganke says this is for a better cause, and now the two just have to figure out how to actually make the fluid. Back at Miles' home, their dinner is interrupted by a camera crew and reporter who want to interview Miles' dad, Jefferson, about killing the HYDRA agents and saving civilians, but he wants no part of that and makes them leave. Ganke comes over as Jefferson makes the camera crew leave, and Jefferson decides to go out for some fresh air as Miles, his mom and Ganke stand there confused. Jefferson walks up to the reporter and asks how they got his address, and she says from the internet, but he says he's unlisted and he wants to know how they got his address but before the woman can reply she's stunned silent. The issue comes to a close as the conversation is cut short when Jefferson turns around and is face to face with Venom.
Thoughts: Venom! Man, Miles finally gets to fight a big name and it's none other than Venom. This issue was pretty good, I really liked the stuff with Jameson and the respect he has for Spider-Man, as well as the respect he has for Peter Parker now. I also really liked that Ganke used his money to buy Miles the stuff he needs for Web fluid and is really trying to help, he's kinda become the Richie to his Static Shock for anyone who ever watched that awesome cartoon, and that's a great role for Ganke before their inevitable argument and breaking up, because that has to happen at some point. I'm curious as to Venom's motives though, he seems to be randomly attacking people and places, as I'm not seeing the connection to Betty, Osborn Inc. (or whatever it's called) and Jefferson. I am wondering what Jefferson's deal is though, why not be on the news as a hero, unless he's hiding from something... all in all I thought this was a good issue and I'm interested at Miles reaction to his dad's run in with Venom.

Score: 7.5/10

J. Jonah Jameson: Because I learned a lot from Peter Parker. I learned a hero should be left to be a hero.

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