Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thor: God of Thunder #4

Hey all, X here, back sooner than I expected!  I'll be spelling the hard working JT this week and posting a mess of reviews over the course of the next 4 days with one change...  I'm not gonna be adding a scan to the post until AFTER I've posted the reviews.  The reason being those scans take time(finding a page, scanning a page, uploading a scan to a site, adding the scan to the blog post, fixing the dimensions, adding a comment, you get the picture), and that time takes me out of the rhythm of typing up these reviews.  So I'll add the scans later in the week(let's say Monday or Tuesday) while I get the reviews up faster.  That was a bit more long-winded than I anticipated it being...  Eh, I'll take care of that by speeding through these reviews!  Check back in a half hour for the second review of the night.  But first?  A little Thor!  Onward!!

Thor: God of Thunder #4

Summary: This story takes place in three historical periods, the past where a young Thor is being tortured by the God Butcher, the present(which is what I'll concentrate on), and the far future where Asgard has fallen to the God Butcher and his Black Berserkers, leaving only an old Thor who wants to be granted death but is instead being tormented by the Butcher and his forces.  In the present, Thor finds a god hiding in the God Butcher's cave on Earth.  This god is TOTALLY insane and is terrified of the Butcher.  Thor manages to get a name out of the terrified god as to who/where the Butcher may be after/headed to next.  With that, Thor and the crazy god head to that god library we saw last issue and Thor is shocked to see the Black Berserkers there, tearing the place up.  Thor manages to save the head librarian, who tells Thor he is looking for a world of gods.  And oh yeah, the scroll stating where that world is was burning in a fire...  D'oh!  Thor manages to get the scroll and is able to learn where the Butcher was headed.  From there, we see that the God Butcher had already arrived and killed every god there save one, who he was forcing to allow him to use her time travel powers...  Hmm...  From there we head back to the future where old Thor is beaten and battered and looks up to see... present Thor!?

Thoughts: Oh yeah, Jason Aaron is KILLING this series thus far.  I mean there have been a lot of good books coming from Marvel Now!(off the top of my head, Hulk, Cap, Uncanny Avengers, even X-Men has been strong), but THIS title is sneaking into my favorite titles list.  In 4 issues Aaron has made the God Butcher a HUGE threat, but not only is he a threat, he's interesting...  I mean, I want to know why he hates all gods.  Why is he killing them?  What's his story?  How does he do what he does?  That, to me, is the sign of a fantastic villain.  One who is not only a legit threat, but one who is interesting.  As for this issue?  It was nearly perfect.  My only gripe was Thor popping up in the future...  I don't really get what that was all about, but with how awesome this series has been?  I'm sure it's gonna lead to great things.

Score: 9 1/2 out of 10.
 Thor god of thunder #4
If Gorr would have popped up just a bit earlier, he'd have made a strong run for Favorite Villain of 2012!


  1. Gorr's creepily awesome looking, and like you I'm loving him as a villain. The way Aaron's writing this, I wouldn't mind if this arc ran for eight issues or so. There's SO much to do, and this ending surprised the hell out of me, so seeing Present Thor getting his Marty McFly on was pretty awesome.

    1. Right?! He has a great look(actually, this entire comic looks great, so props to the artist), and has been built up as a god-killing bad-ass! I'm just hoping he escapes Thor at the end of this storyline and pops up repeatedly over the course of the next year or two. And since it looks like he'll be fighting Thor well into the future(although that could change with the time traveling), here's hoping Gorr is around for a good long time.