Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stormwatch #16

Last review of this Sunday night is going to be the lone DC Comic I've picked up this week, Stormwatch.  Stormwatch has actually been one of my favorite New 52 titles, so here's hoping that continues here.

Stormwatch #16

Summary: Projectionist manages to get a message to Stormwatch, telling them she had been kidnapped by the thought to have gone rogue Midnighter.  Midnighter catches up to her, but unfortunately for him, Apollo has responded to Projectionist's message.  And he is PISSED!  Apollo batters Midnighter while Engineer and the Shadow Lord(actually a disguised Harry Tanner) head to the scene.  The Shadow Lord tells Apollo not to kill Midnighter since he wanted to see Midnighter's execution in person.  The group take Midnighter back to Stormwatch's base and Shadow Lord prepares to kill him, but the blast is intercepted by Apollo, who claims if anybody was going to kill Midnighter, it would be him.  From there, Jenny Quantum shows up and accuses the Shadow Lord of actually being Tanner after an investigation of her own.  Shadow Lord denies that, but Engineer tells the group that it was almost mathematically impossible for Shadow Lord to be anybody BUT Tanner.  Now exposed, Tanner reveals himself and tells the team he was only doing what he thought needed to be done to make Stormwatch more proactive.  As for killing Midnighter, he knew Midnighter would see through his deception, thus trying to eliminate him.  Apollo is furious about that and decides to kill Tanner, but is taken down hard by Engineer, who states that according to her calculations, Tanner was right.  Midnighter decides now was the time to exit stage left and drags Apollo towards the exit hatch.  Tanner tries to stop Midnighter, but Midnighter boots Tanner away and leaps into the Bleed with the semi-conscious Apollo, ending this issue.

Thoughts: As usual, this was a good issue with great characters.  I've enjoyed this storyline and am happy to see Tanner exposed.  The fallout from this issue should be interesting with Apollo mistrusting Midnighter, who WAS right the whole time, Projectionist learning Tanner had played her the entire time, and Engineer seemingly joining the dark side.  With Engineer, I'm guessing she has been corrupted somewhere along the line, I recall something happening a few issues back that should explain her antics.  Apollo and Midnighter?  It'll be interesting to see how readily Midnighter forgives Apollo for not believing him and, you know, trying to kill him and all.  All in all, good stuff that has me looking forward to the next issue.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
stormwatch #16
Ouch indeed!

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