Monday, September 27, 2010

Supergirl #56

Supergirl #56: Writer: Sterling Gates. Pencils: Jamal Igle.

Review: We get started with Supergirl bringing Bizarrogirl back to Bizarro World. After seeing that half of Bizarro World had been destroyed, SG and her Bizarro counterpart land on the planet to find out what had happened. Bizarro Lex Luthor arrives on the scene and tells SG that he had accidentally summoned the godship to Bizarro World in an effort to destroy Bizarro. However, the godship instead began sending hundreds of bug-like creatures to the surface of Bizarro World, where the creatures began to feed on the populace. As Lex finishes his explanation, he is eaten by one of the creatures. SG and Bizarrogirl prepare to attack the creature, but it is defeated by the timely arrival of Bizarro. Bizarro takes the girls back to the Fortress of Togetherness to strategize, and SG decides to check out the godship against Bizarro's advice. SG flies into space and discovers that the godship is actually an enormous bug creature and that the smaller creatures were feeding off of Bizarro World and returning to the giant creature to provide it with sustenance. The godship knocks SG away and she lands back at the Fortress of Togetherness where this issue concludes with SG deciding that this looked like a job for Superman.

What I Thought: God do I love Bizarro World! I can't get enough of the place! The dialogue, the characters, all of it! Me am truly hate Bizarro World! So with that said it should come as no surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed this issue. Simple arithmetic tells us that Supergirl + Bizarrogirl + Bizarro + A giant bug alien = a really good comic. What else can I really say?

Score: 9 1/2 out of 10.If I could choose any fictional planet to live on, I'd definitely pick Bizarro World.


  1. I loved it too. The broken light bulb idea, the giant two-page alien, and all the great Bizarro speak (especially Luthor). I feel ashamed to admit how much I look forward to this book every month. "I can't wait to read about Kara!"...Man points revoked.

  2. The Bizarro speak in this comic was EPIC! I loved when Bizarro Lex was trying to explain to SG that there were different dialects of Bizarro speak. And the whole, "Me hate you, Bizarro", "Me hate YOU, Bizarrogirl" had me rolling. I used to feel kind of weird going into the comic store and saying, "Where's my copy of Supergirl?!" but it's such a good series, I don't care how stupid that makes me sound! :D