Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Big New Comic Day!

Awesomeness, thy name is Wednesday! What a GREAT bunch of books I came away with today at the comic book store! First off, Batman: Streets of Gotham #15 came in the mail today, but with the lousy review it was given by my amigo JT, I don't foresee myself reading that anytime soon. So let's move on from there. I wound up picking up 16 comics today, and many of them look EXTREMELY interesting! So without further ado, here's what I picked up today; Avengers: The Children's Crusade #2, Brightest Day #9, Captain America: Forever Allies #2, Hawkeye & Mockingbird #4, JSA All-Stars #10, Red Hood: The Lost Days #4, Secret Six #25, Shadowland #3, Shadowland: Elektra #1, Young Allies #4, Franken-Castle #20, I am an Avenger #1, Superman: The Last Family of Krypton #2, Taskmaster #1, Wolverine: Road to Hell #1, Freedom Fighters #1. So yeah, that's a lot of books. But not only is the quantity large here, the quality is pretty high as well. I can't wait to dig into Children's Crusade, Hawkeye/Mockingbird, Red Hood and Shadowland. I mean those are some of my favorite titles right there! Besides that, several of the other comics are pretty solid as well. Shadowland: Elektra, I am an Avenger and Forever Allies also have the potential to be pretty good. Plus with this issue of Franken-Castle in my possession I can finally read the entire Franken-Castle/Dark Wolverine x-over, since I now have all 4 parts in my possession. I'm sure there'll be a few bombs in there as well(I'm looking at YOU Brightest Day!), but all in all this is the most psyched I've been about a Wednesday in quite some time! As always, throw me a comment if you want me to review any of the aforementioned books, that way I'll know to put 'em on the top of my “New Comics” pile. Besides all of that, I MIGHT not be able to respond to any comments left here tonight, as I have some Science and English homework that looks like it may take some time, plus I have all of these great books to dig into as well! So even if I don't respond tonight, I'll definitely make sure to respond tomorrow. Alright, that'll do it for me, I have homework to get to... X out.


  1. Wow bro!You got quite a haul of comics. Shadowland 3 was amazing btw, just reviewed it. I'm gonna ask you to review the Elektra one-shot since I didn't know about it, and if it's good in your opinion I'll go pick it up later this week.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! That is QUITE a list of things to read. Lol. I know that comic shop LOVES you. Lol.

    I'm ready for some reviews on: Red Hood: The Lost Days #4, Secret Six #25, Shadowland #3

    and especially Shadowland: Elektra #1. Have fun reading!!

  3. Hey guys! Thanks for the comments. Just finished doing some BORING homework and I figured I'd run over to the blog quick to see what you guys were interested in. I shall endeavor to get reviews for all four comics you mentioned posted Ms. Falisha! Hopefully I'll have at least one or two of 'em up tomorrow, with the rest following sometime over the weekend.

    I saw that you posted your R&R post already this week, JT(wow, that was FAST!), and I promise to check it out by tomorrow night, since right now I'm eagerly looking forward to reading a comic or two and then hitting the hay. I remember you mentioning that Franken-Castle/Daken x-over a while ago, so I'll also try to give that a read and review sometime before next Wednesday... Hopefully! :P

  4. Yeah I only had four comics this week, next week's is ten so don't expect it by Wednesday :P And sounds good to me man, I;m hitting the hay too so I'll respond to all ya comments tomorrow, and yeah let me know how that cross-over is dude.

  5. Sounds like you got some good stuff ther, X. I'd like to hear about the Shadowland and Wolverine stuff, if you get a chance. Also interested in Taskmaster, since I enjoyed his last miniseries (which was something like eight years ago, I think).

    Oh, and what's I Am and Avenger? Is it like an anthology-type book?

  6. I've already put those 4 Daken x-over comics in my book bag, so I'l def be reading 'em tomorrow, JT. I plan on being kind of lazy this weekend, so I probably won't have reviews for 'em up til Monday.

    Cool, I'll move those comics a bit higher up in my comic pile, Marc. As for the I Am an Avenger mini, it looks like it takes a few random Avenger characters and spotlights them. I wasn't gonna pick it up, but the Young Avengers got one of the stories in this issue, so that ended up swaying me.