Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Quick Thoughts on: Action Comics #892

Action Comics #892: Writer: Paul Cornell. Pencils: Pete Woods.

Quick Thoughts: Lex Luthor, some of his scientists and Deathstroke the Terminator head to Antarctica to search for some residual Black Lantern energy. Lex and company discover a large black dome, and upon investigating, Deathstroke goes crazy and tries to kill Lex. Lex battles Deathstroke, and eventually Lex begins to succumb to the power of the strange black dome. Eventually one of the scientists manages to complete his analysis on the black dome which causes it to dissipate, freeing everyone from its influence. Lex decides to continue searching for more of these black domes.

Besides the Deathstroke/Lex Luthor fight(which was like something out of the DC vs MK video game)this comic didn't do much for me. I hope this series goes further than Lex randomly wandering the Earth searching for these energy domes... Lex is way too deep a character to be wasted like that.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.FINISH HIM!!!


  1. Same exact rating for this one, and we would've for Batirl but I think ya did that on purpose :P Thanks for the reviews, I felt the same way but I kinda liked Green Arrow more, I don't know if it's just seeing Ollie back in the forest like Year One as well as seeing how his Dad was and how there's more to the story but I found myself really enjoying Green Arrow.

  2. Yeah, we're USUALLY pretty close ratings-wise. That's why I know I can trust your judgement when you recommend something(like Batman Beyond, which should be finished in 2 more issues, right?), we're on the same wave-length.

    As for GA, it just didn't do anything for me. Like I said in the post, I like my Ollie kicking ass in a city and bedding tons of women... Well, I put it better in the other post, but the point still stands. :P Ollie in "Starwood" Forest just isn't doing it for me. btw, I'll probably keep doing these super brief reviews until I'm finally caught up. I mean these only took me like 10-15 minutes each.

  3. Yep, it's funny you mention Batman Beyond, I just reviewed it actually. Issue Four didn't get as good a rating as 1-3 but I'd still recommend the mini so far.

    Haha I saw you and Falisha talking about Ollie bedding women, I was gonna comment but I held my tongue haha. Starwood, haha, clever... I'm stealing that by the way :D Not bad at all X, especially with Fallout.

    I just sold my Soul Calibur and got Blitz again since my last copy was screwy, and I now I can play that and have fun, by myself or with Falisha or a buddy until SVR comes out.

  4. Well, I still plan on snagging that mini whenever DC decides to put out the trade for it(knowing DC, probably in 2 years!)

    "Starwood, haha, clever" Yup, that's me alright! Clever is actually my middle name! X Clever Man! :P

    Yeah, I'm also waiting on the new Smackdown game. I think Fallout should DEF hold me until that game comes out... Hell, it may even delay my purchase of Smackdown!

  5. Yeah, hopefully you'll be able to get it by around Marc or something since they usually take so long.

    See, and all this time I thought your middle name was TreLaime... get it? X-Tra Lame Man? Woooooooooooo I'm on fire!

    Awesome, I actually traded my Dragon Age today for Red Dead Redemption, I've heard great things and IGN even gave it a 9.

  6. March if I'm lucky! Damn DC and their slow trade releases...

    "X-Tra Lame Man" .........................*shakes head* :D

    *gasp* You traded away DA:O?!? I am shocked! Completely shocked! But I have heard some great things about RDR, I think it was in the top 5 of IGN's best PS3 games, so when ya start playing it let me know how it is.

  7. Haha you know you loved that X-Tra Lame Man joke!

    Yeah, Well I can still play Falisha's til she sells hers if I wanna get the last few trophies. And yeah, I traded the guy my DA:O which is worth only like 20 bucks and gave him all my Downloadable content by giving him my spot in the gameshare group since I only paid like 15 bucks for all that stuff so it was a pretty even deal. It should be here by Monday so I'll definitely let ya know.

  8. "Haha you know you loved that X-Tra Lame Man joke!" No. No I didn't... :P

    Cool, when ya play it for a while, let me know. I probably wouldn't be picking it up anytime soon(I am SOOOOO wrapped up in Fallout 3 it's not even funny!), but if you say enough good things about it I'll probably pick it up sometime down the road.

  9. Lol... you're an ass.

    Will do buddy, I've heard a TON of good stuff by looking up info over the last two days, so I'm hoping it's as good as everyone says it is. I'll definitely let ya know though.

  10. "you're an ass." Agreed. :D

    Yeah, same here. I remember when that game came out it was getting pretty awesome reviews. I think my sister was pretty close to picking it up, but she went with the Sims instead.

  11. I only played it for like two hours yesterday because I did some other stuff and it was awesome, I'll let you know more when I get deeper in but right now it's a mix of Grant theft auto and the Wild west but better.