Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Comic Day! September 29 edition.

Hey there X-Maniacs, it's Wednesday, which means it's time for me to bust out my weekly “New Comic Day” post!!! Normally this is the point where I'd happily begin listing off all of the new books I picked up at the comic book shop today... Unfortunately for me, I only wound up picking up a measly FIVE new comics! Yes, that's right, I only picked up 5 new comics today... The rest of my comics from this week are subscription books, so I have a good week to wait on them. So needless to say, I was feeling like... well, less than a comic fanatic, so I wound up picking up a few back issues and a trade as well at the comic shop today. Hey, unless I spend at least $30 a week on comics I go into a funk! First off, the back issues. I managed to grab Flash #113-118, Captain America Annual #8(featuring Wolverine!)and the Kick-Ass hardcover. And now for the new books. Captain America: Patriot #2, Avengers Prime #3, Teen Titans #87, Detective Comics #869 & X-Men vs Vampires #1(yes, that's the actual title).

So yeah, a depressingly small pull today, but maybe in the long run, that's for the best... You see, my chum Kello alerted me to a huge sale over at Things From Another World. Btw, I think the sale still going on until Friday just so you know... Anywho, late Sunday night I wound up buying a mind boggling 19(!!)trades from that place. And the crazy thing is that I barely spent over $100 to get them all! I mean, that's an AWESOME sale if I do say so myself. While I'm talking about that particular comic order, I might as well fill you guys in on exactly what I brought.. Avengers: Kang- Time and Time Again, Infinity Crusade, Iron Man: Legacy of Doom, Marvel: 1985, Superman: Birthright, Batgirl: Destruction's Daughter, Batman: Scarecrow Tales, Batman: Harvest Breed, Penance: Relentless, Spectacular Spider-Man: The Final Curtain, Squadron Supreme: The Pre War Years, Superman: End of the Century, Supreme Power: Contact, Supreme Power: Powers & Principles, Supreme Power: Nighthawk, Ultimate Marvel Team-Up: Ultimate Collection, What If? Classic Vol. 2, Wolverine: Logan and finally, Zombie... Whew! That's a LOT of trades!

Hmm, what else can I talk about here... I beat Fallout 3 earlier today, and I'm currently playing through the third expansion which allows you to continue the story even after the game ends. I can see myself picking up all of the expansions over the weekend... That game is THAT awesome! Once I'm done going through the expansions I plan on starting the game over again so I can play as the most wicked villain imaginable. Lookout Capital Wasteland, here comes EVIL X! BWA-HAHAHAHAH!!! Besides that I'm almost finished with my EPIC review for the Superman: Secret Origin mini-series that wrapped up not so long ago. I've finished reviewing it up to the forth issue, so hopefully I'll be able finish reviewing the last two issues and get the post up by the weekend. And I guess that'll have to do it for me, as I think I've rambled quite enough for one night. As always, any comments are appreciated and will be responded to... Probably! Until next time, X out.


  1. I'm glad you were able to pick up some of those Supreme Power trades in the TFAW sale, as well as Superman: Birthright. Now I don't even have to feel bad if you don't like them, since you got each of them for about the price of a single issue!

    I'm guessing you've probably already read the Ultimate Marvel Team-Up stuff, but if not then you just got a truly awesome deal because that stuff is just great. Spectacular Spider-Man: The Final Curtain is another personal favorite...the final issue of that trade is really moving.

    I wasn't originally planning on getting anything from TFAW this time around, but you've made me really want to now...even though I just bought like 25 trades on eBay a couple days ago, lol.

  2. I think you'll like Kick-Ass X, I thought it was pretty damn good.

    I think I gave you a recommendation you didn't pick up but I can't remember what it was! :P

    Can't believe you beat Fallout already haha, I'm pretty close to the end of Red Dead Redemption as well. And I can't wait to read the Secret Origins Super-review.

  3. X-Man!! I miss you sir. :( Hope we can chat this weekend. Buuut as for comics, I'm shocked you only picked up 5. Lol. It's like the comic king is trying to step down from the thrown! JK. I know that'll never happen. Although Prince JT, Prince Kello and Prince Marc are sure to fight for the thrown of Comic King. Lol.

    But I think you came across a fantastic deal sir and I know for a fact you'll enjoy reading 99% of those trades.

    And sir, I am jealous! You beat the game. Check you out! But I'm glad you enjoyed playing it enough to get the DLC and re-play it again. It was a fun game.

    What game will you be picking up next once you play through everything sir?

  4. If the battle for the crown comes down to who buys the most weekly comics, then I will gladly surrender my claim to the honorable Prince JT and pledge myself to his noble cause!

    I liked Kick-Ass too. Haven't seen the movie yet though. And I am equally amazed by the fact that X finished Fallout so soon...heck, I still haven't finished, because every time I play it I just end up wandering around and doing sidequests and stuff.

    Oh, and I just got ten of the trades I ordered. Hopefully I'll get the rest tomorrow! I should probably be able to chat on Saturday night too. I hope Kello will get his internet fixed one of these days so he can join us.

  5. Haha, really Marc? Well isn't that nice. I think I'm waaaaay off from being King, I barely know some characters :P

    I id see Kick-Ass the movie, along with Falisha, and it was really good. They changed a few things from the comic but I enjoyed it, I'd probably give it an 8.5/10 as a movie and a 10/10 as a book. And I'd also love if Kello joined the four of us.

  6. First off, sorry JT, but by the time I had gone through TFAW catalog of trades, I had already spent WAY too much money as it was. Next time I'll definitely have Suicide Kings at the top of my trade buying list though.

    Actually Marc, with the exception of the first issue of Infinity Crusade(which I read as a kid and hated)I haven't read ANY issues from any of the trades that I picked up, including Ultimate Marvel Team-Up. That was a trade that had been on my radar for over a year now, so I'm glad I was able to pick it up for like $4.

    Whoa, wait a minute here! I am NOT abdicating my throne anytime soon guys! I am now, and will forever be THE Comic Book King! Even though I only picked up 5 new books this week, I also have like 7 or so subscription books coming to me this week. Don't worry my loyal subjects, your king is still alive and well! :D

    I polished off the expansion today from Fallout, the one that picks up the story 2 weeks after the events that end the game. My character is at the max level(30)and I don't have any more outstanding missions left to do. I still have LOADS of places to search on the map(I used that perk that allows you to see all of the locations on the map), but I think I'll leave a few of those places for my next character to explore. Tomorrow I'll dl the other 4 expansion packs, beat them and then begin the game over again as a bad guy. As for my next game, Falisha, I'm planning on getting Smackdown at the end of the month. I was tempted to get the new Castlevania game, but the reviews I've seen haven't impressed me, and if I'm gonna spend $60 on a new game, the reviews had better be DAMN impressive!

    A 10 out of 10 for the book, JT? Excellent! I actually have that hardcover in my book bag(along with a Batman trade and something else I'm blanking on)and depending on my homework load, I'm hoping I can at least start it tomorrow around lunch time. Then again, I have to go to an art gallery tomorrow night for a English paper, so I might not be able to start it just yet.

  7. Castlevania is my favorite video game series! I've gotten every single 2D game in the series since Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, which was a launch game for the Game Boy Advance back in 2001 I believe. I've reached 100% completion for most of them, and I've played a good deal of them multiple times. I don't know much about the new one, but the 3D ones have never gone all too well I'm definitely not getting my hopes up!

  8. Oh it's cool X, I was blanking on what I'd recommended for you so I'm glad you remembered what it was because it was bothering me.

    Boooo The king sucks! :P Kidding, and I haven't even picked my books up yet, I will tomorrow though, I was waiting on some cash to come so the R & R will be late this week.

    Man X you are really dominating Fallout! I haven't played RDR in two days but yesterday I saw the trailer for the DLC with Zombies and there was even a Zombified BEAR! So That looks awesome. And you better add us if ya get Smackdown haha, Falisha and I are both picking that up the day it comes out.

    Yeah X, I feel like it did a good job of being a real world comic and incorporating a hero story, and I really enjoyed it all, especially the ending, so hopefully you'll like Kick-Ass as well.

  9. I just posted a thing asking what everyone picked out over at the sale, and it appears you've already answered! I'm surprised to see Ultimate stuff on your list. I was tempted by 1985 as well, you'll have to tell me if you like it. And once long ago I had that Penance trade. A strange but not horrible mini, if I recall. Seeing Speedball as an emo masochist killed a bit of my childhood, but I really liked the idea at the time.

    Do you know who wrote all those Supreme Power books?

  10. "Castlevania is my favorite video game series!" Marc, there's yet another thing we have in common! I absolutely LOVE the Castlevania series! I sunk countless hours of my childhood, adolescence and adult life into those games. For my money, Symphony of the Night was the best game to come out on the original PS and is probably among my top three favorite games ever(along with the first Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy 7). I could go on and on about the Castlevania series, from the hugely underrated Simon's Quest, to the awesome Gameboy titles. And I wholeheartedly agree, I've never played a 3D Castlevania game I've enjoyed. I wish the Konami would realize that not every game needs to go 3D. Certain series(Castlevania, Mega Man)are perfectly fine in 2D.

    Sheesh JT, still no new comics?! I am both surprised and disappointed in you! :P Seriously though, you know I'll be looking forward to your R&R post, especially the Time Master's mini, since I never got around to collecting that(I'm not sure why that's the case either...)

    I saw the RDR DLC over at IGN earlier today, JT, and yeah, it looked pretty sweet. Almost made me wish I had that game... *sigh* I guess I'll just have to make due with the unbridled awesomeness that is Fallout 3. :D

    HA, I couldn't resist talking about that order, Kello! After ordering that many trades, I was bursting to talk about it. The Ultimate Team-Up trade comes from back when the Ultimate Universe was still good(oh so long ago...), and I've been wanting to read those comics for a while, so for the price it was there for, for all 12 issues, I couldn't resist. As for the Penance mini/trade, I remember refusing to buy it when it first came out because I HATED what Marvel had done to poor Robbie. But now that he's back to being Speedball(in name if not fully action)again, I figured I should give it a read. And 1985 was one of the last books I decided to add. Well, that and Infinity Crusade, which I'm still not sure why I brought... I've heard both really, really good things about 1985 and really, really bad things, so I figured that's one of those books I should read to see where I fall in that discussion. As for the writer of most of(if not all)of those Supreme Power books, that would be J. Michael Straczynski, back when he was with Marvel and writing pretty good stuff... You know, as opposed to now...

  11. You'll love the Ultimate Marvel Team-Up stuff, X. Some of it is no longer actually Ultimate canon (like the Fantastic Four issue), but it's all a good deal of fun. I also just noticed that you got the second volume of What If? Classic, which is a cool trade. One of the stories envisions four members of the classic Marvel Bullpen as the Fantastic Four, and the story is actually written and drawn by Jack Kirby, making it even cooler.

    As for Supreme Power, JMS wrote all of the main story, which goes in this order: Contact, Powers and Principalities, High Command, and Hyperion. At that point it switched from being a MAX title to being the Marvel Knights series Squadron Supreme (it still had JMS writing and Gary Frank on art though). Supreme Power: Nighthawk is a side story written by Daniel Way, with art by Steve Dillon!

  12. That What If? story sounds beyond awesome! Now THAT is worth the price of the trade all on its own!

    Those Supreme Power comics were actually the hardcovers, so I'm hoping that it contains all 4 of those arcs. If I like it I'll have to keep an eye out for the Squad Supreme stuff. And I had no idea that Nighthawk was by Danial Way. That's awesome news! I am such a fan of his work! Thanks for all the info Marc.

  13. No problem, X! Supreme Power has been collected in quite a few different ways, so if you get confused at all just ask. :)