Monday, September 6, 2010

Impulse Monday. 9/6

Hey, check me out, I've managed to remember that today was Impulse Monday here at the blog! I was thisclose to forgetting, but no worries Impulsive Ones, there WILL be a random Impulse scan up here tonight! Huzzah!!! Anywho, before I get to the scan, I figured I'd inform you guys that I placed an order for Fallout 3 for my PS3, mainly due to the fact that IGN had it listed as the second greatest PS3 game ever released. So besides comic stuff, if anybody has anything to say about that game, let me know. Okay, enough babbling, on to tonight's Impulse scan. And instead of the humorous side of Bart, tonight we see that Bart has a romantic side. Who knew?!From Impulse #72(May 2001).


  1. This is ONE thing I know I can comment on from this week!!! Lol.

    First off, Fallout 3 is a pretty awesome game. I played it a little while ago, but lost interest due to Mw2 lol. Then again it may be the nightmares FO3 gave me. Lol, but I think you'll enjoy it.

    As for the scan, TOTALY CUTE!!! Bart is a ladies man for sure!! Lol.

  2. Cool, if you think the game was awesome, then I know I'll enjoy it, Lisha! I needed something to hold me until Smackdown comes out, and for $17, I figured that Fallout should fit the bill nicely.

    Yup, Bart does indeed seem to have a way with the ladies. It must be the hair.

  3. I also need something to hold me over before Smackdown, I'm broke though so it'll probably be Mass Effect 2 or something. :P I did wanna play Fallout 3 but Falisha traded for something she wants it, so if you like it X I'll probably look into trading Soul Calibur for it or something.

    I think it's the big feet, the childlike innocence and the sense of humor... of wait, that's me ;-) Lol

  4. Fallout 3 is a great game, I'm sure you'll love it!

    Oh, and I sincerely hope to be kicking back in a couple of days, listening to the first edition of my soon-to-be favorite podcast! (Don't let me down, X!!) :D

  5. Well, Fallout 3 hasn't shipped yet, but Amazon is usually pretty quick, so I'm hoping I'll have it in my hands by Saturday, JT. Once I get it, I'll let ya know.

    "I think it's the big feet, the childlike innocence and the sense of humor... of wait, that's me" HA! What more can I say??

    Awesome, that's two people saying Fallout 3 is great! Now I'm REALLY looking forward to getting it!

    Podcast??? What's that?? :D