Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quick Thoughts on: Daredevil #510

Daredevil #510: Writers: Andy Diggle & Antony Johnston. Artist: Marco Checchetto.

Quick Review: Some rogue Hand ninjas hunt down Foggy Nelson and Dakota North and try to kill them, but the duo are saved by one of Daredevil's top lieutenants, Black Tarantula. Tarantula warns Foggy and Dakota to leave the city, but instead they head to Iron Fist's office building, where IF is planning his next move against DD with Luke Cage(naturally!), Master Izo and Kingpin(!). Upon seeing Kingpin with DD's friends, Dakota and Foggy decide that it is indeed time to leave the city, but wind up getting stuck in the middle of a riot. While that is going on, White Tiger(another of DD's lieutenants)guts Black Tarantula and tosses his lifeless body down to the streets below.

Quick Thoughts: Not bad. Not as good as the main Shadowland comic has been, but this issue served it's purpose. While the Shadowland mini has been focusing on DD and NYC's assorted heroes, this series has been looking at DD's human friends(and enemies)and how they are dealing with DD's recent actions. It gives us a nice alternate way of viewing the Shadowland storyline, which I have no problem with.

Score: 8 out of 10.Lookin' sharp, Mistah Fisk!


  1. I agree with you X, but I couldn't give this any higher then a 6 or 7. I've been following Daredevil and the main Shadowland title only (because I learned my lesson from following ALL the Blackest Night tie-ins), and I keep thinking that I don't even need to be reading the Daredevil title.

    There are a few things(like seeing Typhoid Mary join up, or finding out what happened to DD's friends when they left) that fill out the story, but it's kind of boring for $3. It's like paying to see people talk about all the interesting stuff going on in Shadowland, instad of just paying for the main event, which has been one of the best minis I've read in a long while.

    I do love the art though!

  2. "because I learned my lesson from following ALL the Blackest Night tie-ins" Sadly I STILL haven't learned this lesson yet!

    I definitely agree with you, Kello, Shadowland seems like the kind of mini/event where you could easily get away with simply reading the main title and not missing out on much. Most of the extras(DD, Power Man, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, etc)really don't add much to the story. To be honest, some of those comics actually detract from the main story! I mean the Ghost Rider comic was just awful! It wrapped up(I guess...)the Snakeroot portion of the Shadowland story, but it did so in as unsatisfying a manner as possible. To be honest, the main and the DD series are probably the way to go here.