Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Quick Thoughts on: Green Arrow #3

Green Arrow #3: Writer: JT Krul. Pencils: Diogenes Neves.

Quick Thoughts: So last issue Ollie was shot in the head with a black arrow. Instead of dying he gets saved by the spitting image of Thor. Faux Thor tosses Ollie in the waters in the enchanted forest(I can't believe I just typed that!)and Ollie's wounds are miraculously healed. Ollie asks Faux Thor who the hell he was, and Faux Thor explains that he believes himself to be the Sir Galahad of legend. The forest then does some crazy stuff and a giant shadow gets ready to attack Ollie.

Weird... I mean this comic isn't terrible, but this is SO far away from the Oliver Queen I want to read about. Ollie living in Star City/Seattle fighting street scum while romancing tons of women I like. Ollie running around in the enchanted forest? Not so much...

Score: 7 out of 10.Good old Thor.


  1. "Fighting street scum while romancing tons of women" lol, that for whatever reason was hilarious, that made my night.

    I was eh about this issue. Just felt like something to read to pass the time. Lol. Brightest day is just becoming one big blur to me. Lol. Word of mouth from JT though, he enjoyed #10 a lot. So I don't know we'll have to see.

  2. Glad you liked that line, Lisha. It's true too! That's what Ollie does best! :P

    Totally agreed. This issue wasn't awful, it was just sort of blah. By tomorrow I'll probably have forgotten all about it. And yeah, JT was making some noise about BD #10, but I still haven't read BD #9 yet! I am SO behind...

  3. It's definitely true and as much as I HATE Ollie "The Pimp" I kind of miss him.

    now that you mention, I don't remember what happen. I just remember him being shot and put in the puddle of water in the forest. Lol. I hope this comic really picks up the pace a little.

  4. "I just remember him being shot and put in the puddle of water in the forest." I love the way you said that! Like some guy just tossed Ollie in a little puddle on the street corner or something! That's a hilarious visual! :D

  5. Lmao, honestly X what you just said sounded more exciting than what really happened in this issue. Sad but true.