Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No new comics, but Nightwing!!!

Although Labor Day granted me a day off from school(which I naturally appreciated), it also pushed back the comic release day from Wednesday(today!)to Thursday(which by simple deduction would be tomorrow!). So what to do... Well, I went through my stats for this blog and noticed that the most searched topic on this blog was Nightwing... Weird. But hey, I aim to please, so I pulled out my New Teen Titans comics, scanned some Nightwing stuff and figured I'd post it. And that's pretty much all this post is. My cheap attempt at pleasing the Nightwing fans out there. After I get back from the comic book store tomorrow I'll have my normal New Comic Day post up. Okay, enough small talk, here's what so many of you have apparently been waiting for, some random Dick Grayson scans.Here's one of the MANY lover's quarrels between Bruce and Dick. (from New Titans #55)

Dick Grayson: Playa. (from New Teen Titans #33)


  1. Lol, perfect way to EVER sum up Dick Grayson, not first Robin, not Nightwing, not Current Batman, just... Playa. That was great.

    Also, you appeasing to Dick Grayson fans by showing Dick getting punched in the face by Batman, Classy.

  2. HA! I thought you'd like that! Especially considering the conversation we were having about Dick on a different post. Seriously, how can you look at the pic and NOT think, "playa"?! :P

    Hmm, good point... Well, nobody ever said I was smart! :D

    Oh, and I wasn't able to hit the comic book shop today, so no new comic day post today... Damn school...

  3. Haha, right? If you look up Playa in the dictionary they have THAT exact same picture under it. I think Dick may have surpassed Bruce as the greatest Playa of them all.

    Oh I got ya dude, hell I wish I didn't go, I spent WAAAAY too much on weekly comics...

  4. No doubt! For Bruce it's all a show, but you can just tell that Dick REALLY loves women! And yes, that picture SHOULD be in the dictionary under Playa!

    Wow, really? It was a pretty light week for me. I guess I'll see what you brought during your R&R post. Unless you want to give me a sneak preview. :-)

  5. Right? I'm sure if they chased women as hard as they fought crime half of Gotham would be Grayson and Wayne heirs!

    Brought eh? :P Yeah I caught that one. Captain Grammar Awaaaaaay!!!!!!

    Oh, and I was replying to another post and found out you posted that Grayson pic before with your old scanner. :P