Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quick Thoughts on: Deadpool #27

Deadpool #27: Writer: Daniel Way... Why is he, “Daniel” in this comic but, “Dan” in Daken? Pencils: Carlo Barberi.

Quick Review: This issue gets underway with Deadpool trying to buy a burrito but ending up in the middle of a robbery(what, it's a Deadpool comic!). It turns out that the store's owner has an arsenal of weapons under the store and is a terrorist, and the robbers all have healing factors. Deadpool battles the robbers but doesn't get anywhere since they all came equipped with healing factors. Eventually Steve Rogers, Black Widow and Moon Knight show up and beat up Deadpool AND the robbers. The owner tries to attack the three heroes but he is shot dead by Deadpool. We end things here with Steve offering a speechless Deadpool a job.

Quick Thoughts: See, when I'm reading a Deadpool comic I'm not necessarily reading it for it's story. I read Deadpool comics to laugh, and that's how I score them. If I laughed a lot over the course of the comic then it was a good read. If I didn't laugh then it sucked. This comic had me laughing. Repeatedly. It was all just good, stupid, Deadpool-arific fun. From Deadpool's interactions with the store owner, to his fight with the robbers, to the way he was fawning over Steve Rogers this comic was a laugh riot, and that's all I really want from a Deadpool comic.

Score: 9 out of 10.Agreed!


  1. I agree on all counts, I enjoyed this issue a lot! Looking forward to the next issue and hopefully seeing Deadpool interact with the rest of Steve's team.

  2. Deadpool and Moon Knight NEED to have at least one conversation during this storyline. That's really all that I ask.