Friday, March 16, 2012

Journey Into Mystery #635

Our first review for this Friday night? The latest issue of Journey Into Mystery, starring the awesome Kid Loki. With each passing issue I can't help but fear that we're getting closer to the end of the Kid Loki era, as you'd think Marvel would want full-grown Loki around for the movie... Whatever the case may be, I shall enjoy my Kid Loki while I still can.

Journey Into Mystery #635:

Summary: Loki, Leah and Hellstrom(currently VERY good) go around the world waking people up before Nightmare could kill them. Why would Nightmare kill them? Because their sleeping minds contained an enormous amount of fear due to the Fear Itself event, and Nightmare wanted to harvest that “fear stuff”, becoming the most powerful fear lord around. Besides that, Loki is being forced to stay awake since his mind contained the greatest amount of “fear stuff” due to his close proximity to the Fear Itself events. After lots of teleporting and traveling, Loki, slowly getting delirious due to lack of sleep, takes Leah to the side and tells her to pull the “fear stuff” from his mind. Leah is hesitant since that act could possibly kill Loki, but Loki forces her to preform the ritual. Leah's magic is successful and upon getting the large amount of “fear stuff” Loki calls Nightmare to him. Nightmare arrives, intrigued by what Loki was holding. Loki offers Nightmare the “fear stuff” from his head, since such a large amount would give Nightmare what he needed and as such Nightmare wouldn't have to go around murdering people in their sleep anymore. Needless to say, Nightmare happily accepts that offer and escapes back into the Dream Realm before Hellstrom arrives on the scene. Hellstrom is furious that Loki double-crossed him like that, but Loki explains that by giving Nightmare what he wanted Hellstrom would have the time needed to free the other people who were trapped in their nightmares. Hellstrom is pissed, and this issue ends with Hellstrom threatening to kill Loki for his antics.

Thoughts: Hellstrom, Loki, Nightmare, of course I enjoyed this one! Yeah, sure, I didn't fully get the way this issue ended, nor am I 100% sure of what Loki's plan is, but overall I enjoyed this issue, and really, that's all that matters.

Score: 8 out of 10.
journey into mystery #635
Hellstrom is currently: Good in this issue.


  1. You forgot Cadaver Thor. I was kind of a fan of Cadaver Thor.

  2. Cadaver Thor ruled that recap page. Plain and simple.

  3. ...Again I cant stress it more, I LOVE THIS SERIES, from the recap page to the end it screams ORIGINALITY, the way how Gillen explained all the nightmares where people were traped was great and I loved how Ikol talked Loki to resolve the problems in a not heroic way, adding layers to the Loki character and the Ikol-Loki interaction.

  4. I really liked the Loki/Ikol stuff because that MAY lead to Ikol becoming the older, evil version of Loki, while leaving us with "our" Loki. This issue was the first time Ikol's really had a role in a few issues, and he was definitely leaning towards evil, so maybe Ikol can revert back to Loki in time fior the Avengers movie, while leaving us more of Gillen's great work with Kid Loki.

  5. I haven't been enjoying the latest arc in this book as much - too plot-driven, whereas the earlier stories were more character-driven. I guess we'll see what happens now that nightmare has his fear crown.

    I'm starting to wonder about ikol. Waay back in JiM 622, my understanding was that ikol didn't want young loki to turn evil. However, in this issue, ikol all but told loki that loki can't be a hero like thor. Change in the plan?

    Honestly, the only way I can see evil loki coming back is by ikol taking over loki's body. Loki is still essentially powerless at this stage in this game, though he does have a knack for scheming. Loki needs his powers to go back to being evil, how will he get them?

    1. Not so much change in the plan, I think, as...Loki can be a hero, but not the way Thor would be a hero, because his strengths are different.

  6. For me the story doesn't even matter, as a long suffering fan of Daimon Hellstrom, having him here, and more importantly, having him written PROPERLY, has me loving this storyline.

    Thinking about the Ikol thing, maybe that didn't actually happen... As this issue progressed, Loki was getting somewhat desperate, and possibly even delusional due to the lack of sleep/fatigue he was suffering... Maybe he imagined Ikol's words? Maybe that was Loki's sleep-deprived subconscious saying that and not Ikol? Maybe I'm over-thinking it all? :P