Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weird Worlds #1(of 6)

Review: Three stories here to get to, and as usual, I'll tackle them one at a time... Because really, how else COULD I do this? First up we find Lobo laying against a wall with his brains literally blown out. It seems Lobo was taken out by some bounty hunter who had come to a bar looking for the same bounty Lobo was. Since he didn't want to share the reward with Lobo, he tried to jump him, and due to sheer dumb luck, Lobo was shot in the head. Of course the other bounty hunter embellishes the story wildly, basically stating that he trounced Lobo from start to finish. Lobo eventually heals and beats the bounty hunter to death for sullying his name, before preparing to confront the bounty, a giant four-armed goon. Next up was a story about Garbage Man... Yes, Garbage Man. Garbage Man was operated on against his will by some unscrupulous doctor trying to create super-soldiers for the government. The experiment didn't work out, so the doctor blew up the lab. Eventually Garbage Man woke up a... changed lump on trash, not really remembering much, just remembering he wanted to get revenge on the evil doctor. The final story was about some incredibly annoying alien named Tanga. It seems Tanga was searching for some intelligent life in space, and had gone through like 215 planets with no luck. She eventually runs into a ship, tries to talk to it but is attacked by the ship. Frustrated, she blows the ship up before continuing her journey.

Thoughts: Okay, the Lobo story was a lot of fun, like most properly written Lobo stories are. The Garbage Man story was WAY better then it had any right to be. The Tanga story was akin to torture. She just wouldn't shut up! I get that Kevin Maguire, who wrote her story, was trying to show that she was coping with being alone for so long by talking to herself, but I don't think he realized how annoying(or boring)it was for one character to prattle on and on for pages on end about nothing in particular. As a matter of fact, I found myself skipping whole chunks of dialogue because it was so meaningless. Even though I was REALLY disappointed by the Tanga story, I did enjoy the rest of the stories and will be looking forward to next month's issue. Oh, and on a funny note, remember when DC made all that noise about rolling back the price of their comics to $2.99? They then began to display “$2.99” in large print on all of their covers... Except for this one. This comic had a going price of $3.99, which is hidden way at the bottom of the book by the bar code in little print... What a pathetic move THAT was. If you're going to make a ruckus about your lower prices, and then prominently display the lower prices, then shouldn't you prominently display ALL of your prices, not just the lower ones? It's little things like that that'll really get under my skin.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.That's one way to shut somebody up!


  1. Lobo!! That guy is awesome!!! Finally some modern stuff with Lobo, I may have to pick this up.

  2. Lobo IS awesome! He also happens to be in the REBELS series, just so ya know, Lisha.

  3. Glad to see The Main Man is in another book, I know Lobo was huge in the 90's but he's been pretty low-key lately. As for that Garbageman story being good, that shocks the hell out of me, in a good way.

  4. I was really curious if the Garbage Man story would be any good. I had higher hopes for Kevin Maguire's contribution though...

  5. Aww thanks for the heads up X Man. You're awesome!

  6. No problemo, Lisha!

    Yep, I really wasn't that big a Lobo fan until I read that LEGION series, but since then, I've been happy to see him pop up where ever he does, JT.

    Wow, why, Kello? I honestly expected the Garbage Man story to be awful once I saw it(I mean his name is GARBAGE MAN!), but I was very pleasantly surprised. As for Maguire's story, I understand what he was going for, but it just didn't work for me. Instead of feeling bad for Tanga, I was just annoyed by her.