Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Outsiders #35

Review: This issue gets started with Freight Train taunting Owlman and Metamorpho about betraying them to Simon Stagg. Even though Stagg had betrayed Freight Train and tried to kill him in a laboratory explosion a few issues prior, it appears Train was willing to forget about that little act of attempted murder for the right price. From there we head to Markovia where Looker is complaining about being forced to remain in Geo-Force's castle. Katana tells her that whatever Geo-Force wants, Geo-Force gets. Katana then makes vague remarks about Geo-Force's state of mind, which Geo-Force overhears. Okay then... From there, Stagg takes Freight Train into his secret laboratory and reveals that he was using the Black Lantern residue in Black Lightning to bring his dead daughter Sapphire back to life. Train decides that he doesn't like that, so he turns on Stagg(why not? What's one more betrayal?), who has his henchman Java transform into the Shaggy Man to deal with Train. Train and Shaggy fight, and Train takes this time to tell Shaggy his origin... Um, okay... After Train's origin tale, and some more random fighting, Owlman and Metamorpho enter the room and reveal that Train had loosened their chains while he was taunting them earlier. The two heroes help Train take down Shaggy, and during the fight, Black Lightning's container is ruptured, freeing him. With all the fighting over, Sapphire actually does come back to life momentarily, tells Metamorpho that she loves him(he was her husband)and asks her father why he did what he did, before she dramatically dies again, ending this issue.

Thoughts: WHY am I still buying this series?! Good God was this issue bad! Methinks I'll be dropping this series come Wednesday... Where do I even begin?! Personality-wise, Freight Train reminds me of Random from the X-comics back in the 90's... And let me tell you, that is NOT a good thing! The stuff with Geo-Force, Katana and Looker I have NO idea about... It seems like Looker may be mind controlling Geo-Force, but who can really tell? Freight Train giving his FULL origin story, in the MIDDLE of a battle was just asinine, I mean who does that?! And the dialogue... It was WORSE than the worst of Brian Michael Bendis' dialogue! And for me to say THAT, you KNOW it was horrible! I don't know what Dan Didio was thinking here... A disjointed story, along with cringe-worthy dialogue makes for a VERY bad reading experience.

Score: 1 1/2 out of 10.Um, I don't think that's a power...

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