Monday, January 17, 2011

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #6

Review: We get started with Kilowog and Arisia ditching Guy Gardner after learning that he had been secretly conspiring with Ganthet and Atrocitus. With Kilowog and Arisia gone, Guy is left with that Red Lantern, Bleez. Meanwhile, Sodam Yat seems to be increasing in power while he sleeps(his ring manages to reach 394% charge), but is woken up by some worried Daximite children who were wondering what was up with the light show. Sodam claims ignorance to his glow act and spots some creatures attacking Green Lantern caskets high above the planet. Sodam races over to confront the creatures, but alas, it was a trap, and Sodam ends up under the mental thrall of Zardor. While that scene is playing out, Guy and Bleez reach Zardor's homeworld of Kralok(man that's a lot of alien names...)and attack, making it all the way to Zardor's inner sanctum, where they discover all of the captive telepaths Zardor had captured to enhance his own telepathy. Zardor attacks the duo and manages to put them down with relative ease. Zardor taunts Guy(like any good villain should)and this issue ends with Sodam attacking Guy, who he thought was a Guardian.

Thoughts: You know, when I first read this comic two nights ago, I really didn't like it much at all... As I went through it again to do this review, I found myself enjoying it a bit more. Go figure. The story seemed a bit rushed(in this one issue Guy reveals that he knew Krona was behind the entity kidnappings, Kilowog and Arisia leave, Sodam gets captured, Guy finds Zardor's planet, and battles Zardor to boot.), which is too bad, because I wouldn't have minded some of the stuff here getting drawn out a bit. I mean Guy was searching for Zardor for a few issues now, and in this issue not only does he locate Zardor's planet, he fights through Zardor's defenses AND he battles Zardor! All over the course of a few pages. I did have a good chuckle when I saw the last page with Sodam attacking Guy, since Kilowog wanted to find Zardor to avenge the rookie Lanterns Zardor killed, while Arisia was hoping to find Sodam... I bet they wish they hadn't ditched Guy when they did, since he found BOTH Sodam AND Zardor! Suckers!

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.Because matter don't mind?

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