Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Comic Day! January 19th edition.

Hey all, X here with the weekly New Comic Day post! Today was the first day of the Spring semester, so there was a lot of running around for me today, and between classes and of course the weekly trip to the comic books shop, I am one tired blogger. This post will probably be posted a bit later in the day/night this semester since Wednesday is my long day, with me attending classes until almost 6. But fear not true believers, late or not, I WILL have my NCD post as well as the Random Scan of the Week posted some time Wednesday, come hell, high water or bad comics!

So that's what's new with me, let's take a trip in the way-back machine and see how my various predictions from last week turned out. I stated that I'd have posted 13 reviews between last week and this, and I managed 16, along with the 9 from my Quick Hits post, so all in all, I did A LOT of reviews last week! Last week's Pick of the Litter was actually a bit of a disappointment, as I just couldn't get into Deadpool #31 as I usually do. Last week's Runt of the Litter was Secret Six #29, and even though I don't have a review of it posted(yet), let me tell you right now, I actually enjoyed it, making me 0 for 2 in Pick/Runt picks last week... Oh well, you can't win them all.

So before my first class today I headed to the comic book shop and came away with meager 7 comics... I mean what the hell is THAT?! To make up for that I picked up 2 trades in The Astonishing Wolf-Man Volume 1 and Avengers: Citizen Kang. As for the 7 comics I did grab, they were: Brightest Day #18, The Invincible Iron Man #500, Supergirl #60, Superman/Batman #80, Wolverine and Jubilee #1, Amazing Spider-Man #652 and Avengers Academy #8. Not really that much to choose from for the Pick of the Litter, so I'll go with the unexpected choice and pick with the surprisingly solid Avengers Academy. This week's Runt? Do you even need to ask? It's obviously the horrible, abysmal, atrocious, terrible, and pathetic Brightest Day. That was an easy one. So with 7 new comics, I'm going to promise 7 new reviews, although I'm sure I'll probably end up doing around 10 or so. And that'll have to wrap things up here. I should have a few reviews up tomorrow since I only have school MWF this semester, meaning Tuesday and Thursday(as well as the weekend)are going to be my major review dump days. Next is the Random Scan of the Week, but before that, X out.

The Random Scan of the Week!
Yeah, 90's Superboy was a real jerk... That's probably why I like him so much!

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