Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thunderbolts #152

Review: We begin with the Thunderbolts listening to a recording of Hyperion, who Luke Cage has tabbed to become their newest member. In the video, Hyperion basically claims that he was the good Hyperion, not the evil Hyperion... Trust me, it's easier to leave that comment as is, because if I got any deeper into that this post would probably rival the size of 'War and Peace'! Moonstone believes that Hyperion is lying, but nobody cares what she has to say, as Luke announces that giant monsters were heading towards Japan to attack... What is it with giant monsters attacking Japan?! The T-Bolts teleport away from the Raft, at which time Fixer(who remained behind)states that now would be a good time to do a scan, which a mysterious voice agrees with. The T-Bolts teleport to the shores of Japan, and spot 4 humongous monsters heading straight for them. Luke prepares to bark out some orders, but before he can, Hyperion charges at the monsters and takes the largest one out with little problem. He turns to attack another one but is blasted out of the air and slams into the ground. With Hyperion's little display over, Luke gives his orders and the T-Bolts split up to deal with the monsters. However, every time something positive seems to occur for the team, something unforeseen occurs. For example, Mach-V and Luke Cage get snared by the tongue of one of the monsters, and are nearly able to pull out of its grip before a sudden gust of wind blows them back to the monster, right into it's mouth. Moonstone winds up getting blasted out of the air by one of the monsters, and is fished out of the water by Songbird, but something strikes Songbird at super-speed, knocking her out and sending her falling into the waters below. With most of the T-bolts down and out, Hyperion reveals that he was behind the misfortunes that were befalling the T-Bolts, and sets his sights on Man-Thing, concluding this issue.

Thoughts: So Hyperion was crazy all along... Maybe they should have listened to Moonstone! She may be a lot of things, but she was a psychiatrist, and is great at reading people. This issue was a fun, old fashioned monster-stomping romp, which I liked. There were a few little things that bugged me(like why didn't Moonstone simply turn intangible to avoid the blasts, and Juggernaut was basically defeated by being swatted away by one of the monster's tails), but all in all, this was a good story. Not only do the T-bolts still have to deal with the monsters, they're also going to have to contend with a foe who is Marvel's answer to Superman... Not an easy task!

Score: 8 out of 10.Giant monsters and Japan... Always a recipe for disaster.


  1. Thanks for reviewing this one X!

    I don't think I've ever read anything that featured Hyperion. Is he from Squadron Supreme?

  2. No problem, Kello!

    Yup, the Squadron Supreme/Squadron Sinister. Supreme for the good Hyperion and Sinister for the evil, Grandmaster created version. I actually read his first appearace not that long ago in the Avengers/Kang trade. Hyperion and the Squadron Sinister were Marvel's clever little way to have the Avengers face off against the JLA... Without that pesky DC being involved! The good version was in the Squadron Supreme mini written by Mark Gruenwald back in the 80's. I have the rebooted Squadron trades from the early 2000's, but I haven't gotten to 'em yet. The evil version also popped up in the Exiles, back when it was REALLY good. Whew, that's why I skipped Hyperion's origin during the review! :D

  3. I knew a little of the "JLA rip-off" thing, but now I feel very informed. The question becomes, is Hyperion really joining the T-Bolts? I guess it makes sense if he's part villain.

  4. I am now, and always will be a huge Mark Gruenwald fan, so I'm pretty into Hyperion, which explains why I went into "Fanboy information overload" there, Kello...

    As for Hyperion, I kind of doubt it. Ghost saw all of his evil acts, and even if he didn't, I'm pretty sure Luke should be able to figure out why/how a big gust of wind blew him and Mach-V into the monster's mouth. I'm personally keeping my fingers crossed for a Juggernaut/Hyperion throwdown next issue. From there? I don't see Hyperion sticking around the team(he did try to kill a few of them!). I don't know, maybe Hyperion becomes a reoccurring threat? That would be fine by me!