Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Green Lantern Corps #55

Review: Let us begin with the Green Lantern Honor Guard attacking the Weaponer in front of his castle(citadel? palace?)on Qward. Kyle Rayner(or as Chairman Johns calls him, “That rat-faced bastard!!!)races into the Weaponer's headquarters to rescue his girlfriend, Soranik Natu, while the Weaponer whups on the Honor Guard. His shield manages to counters each member of the Honor Guard(even Ganthet)and in a few short pages, he leaves them all laying around. By this point, Kyle has found Natu unharmed inside, but they can't figure out a way to free her GL ring from the force field the Weaponer surrounded it with. Luckily for them though, the Weaponer's castle is chock full of all sorts of deadly weapons. Back outside, Ganthet vomits(yes, really)and Atrocitus's face pops up in the puke, demanding Ganthet's presence on Earth to deal with Krona. John Stewart asks what in the blue hell THAT was all about, so Ganthet explains that he(along with Guy Gardner)made a pact with Atrocitus to deal with Krona, and that the best way to remain in touch with Atrocitus was via the powers of telepathic vomit... Uh-huh... The Weaponer stands around listening to the story instead of, you know, doing anything, so Natu makes her way outside with a giant gun and holds it to the Weaponer's head, demanding he release the Honor Guard. With that tense standoff going on, several Thunderers make their way over to the fight and tell Natu to do all of Qward a favor and shoot the Weaponer. Before Natu can do anything though, a large portal opens up in the sky and the entirety of the Sinestro Corps arrive(minus Sinestro himself), ending this issue.

Thoughts: Besides Ganthet's projectile vomiting, I really didn't have any problems with this issue. The story is moving along nicely, the Weaponer is being built up as a huge menace(he beat the GL Honor Guard PLUS a Guardian!), and the cliffhanger has me interested in checking out the next issue. Granted, there were a few little things that bugged me here(what exactly was the Weaponer planning on doing with the Lanterns he defeated? Why not just kill them?), but all in all, good stuff, as usual with this series.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.If I never see a blue midget in a dress vomiting blood again in my lifetime I'll be a very happy camper!

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