Saturday, January 8, 2011

Avengers Prime #5(of 5)

Review: This issue begins with Thor rallying troops from all nine realms in preparation for the coming battle with the Goddess of Death, Hela, who has managed to get her hands on the reality warping Twilight Sword, and has begun to turn all of the other realms into her own warped dreams. After some last minute strategy by the heroes, Hela attacks with her legion of corpses. The heroes and their allies manage to hold their ground, until Hela teleports Thor away and has him assaulted by her undead minions. With Thor suitably softened up, Hela moves in for the kill and stabs Thor with the Twilight Sword. Before she is able to decapitate him though, the Enchantress arrives on the scene, heals Thor's wounds and transports him to his hammer. Now healed and reunited with his hammer, Thor returns to his allies and resumes the battle, soon to be followed by Hela herself. The two battle again, but this time the fight is more evenly matched since Thor has his full arsenal of powers at his disposal. Even still, Hela refuses to yield, until Iron Man and the huge dragon Fafnir blast Hela at the orders of Steve Rogers. Hela drops the Twilight Sword, allowing Thor the opportunity to grasp it, ending Hela's threat. At the urging of the Enchantress, Thor puts the nine realms back where they belong, with the exception of Asgard, which he decides to leave on Earth. With the crisis over, Enchantress teleports the three heroes back to Earth, where they are met by several worried Avengers and Asgardians. Iron Man and Steve finally put there differences aside after an apology from IM, while Thor hands the Twilight Sword over to Heimdall, telling him to hide it where none can ever use it again. With that, all of the heroes emerge from the ruins of Asgard, ending this issue.

Thoughts: We had a whole lot of fighting here, as you'd expect from the climax of a mini-series. The battle between Thor and Hela was well done, although Enchantress's return was a bit anti-climatic, since this was like the second or third time she returned from what appeared to be her death in this mini. As I was reaching the end of this comic, I was really pretty undecided as to what to give it score-wise... However, the last scene with Iron Man's apology and Steve accepting pushed the score from very good to great. What can I say, I'm a big sucker for a sappy ending! Overall, this was a VERY good mini-series, one that I'd recommend to Marvel and Avengers fans alike.

Score: 9 out of 10.And with that, Iron Man has finally redeemed himself in my eyes.

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