Monday, January 3, 2011

Avengers #8

Review: This issue begins with Iron Man calling the Illuminati together to discuss the fact that somebody was running around with one of the Infinity Gems. Who are the Illuminati? Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Professor Xavier, Namor, Mr. Fantastic and replacing her dead husband, Medusa. Mr. Fantastic reveals that he had the red gem(which grants its user unlimited power), which was the one the Red Hulk told the Avengers about last issue, but that whoever stole his gem must have had the yellow gem(which bends reality)as well. After some talking, the Illuminati realize that Black Bolt had the yellow gem, and that he must have left it on Earth after he took the Inhumans into space. The Illuminati head to Attilan's former location, search the catacombs and discover several bodies, as well as the broken casing that used to hold the yellow gem. As the Illuminati members head back outside, they are met by an unhappy Steve Rogers and a veritable throng of Avengers.

Thoughts: First things first, I HATE the Illuminati. I've always hated the idea that there was a secret cabal of heroes who were trying to manipulate events. Besides that not being very hero-like, I've never been a big conspiracy nut. So yeah, I hate the Illuminati. But I loved this issue! Brian Michael Bendis is really doing an amazing job with this series... Who'd have thought I'd be saying that last year at this time?! The story(even with the accursed Illuminati)was really good, with John Romita Jr. doing the art, you know that's good, and most shocking of all, the dialogue was good. There was none of Bendis' patented rambling dialogue, everything that was said added to the story. I could sure get used to this!

Score: 9 out of 10.THAT'S the best excuse Tony Stark, a proven genius, could come up with?!

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