Monday, January 3, 2011

Teen Titans #90

Review: We get started with Wonder Girl and Raven trying to find the boy who attacked the science fair last issue. While that's going on, Ravager tries to bond with Robin(Damian Wayne), but gets nowhere... What is it with Ravager and Robins?! Back with WG and Raven, they can't find the boy on-line, but Kid Flash runs in and reveals that he found the boy in a school yearbook. With that, the Teen Titans decide to head to the school. The boy in question bumps into one of the students who used to bully him at school and decides to beat him up, but is surprised to learn that the bully and his girlfriend also have powers. The teacher who gave the boy his powers explains that he also empowered the bully and his girlfriend, and that he wanted to watch another experiment he was conducting in peace. With that, the boy begins to bury the school with his telekinetic powers, just as the Titans arrive on the scene. Kid Flash heads out to to some reconnaissance, and gets taken out by the girl from earlier. With Kid Flash out of the picture, the Titans split up and each group of Titans(except for Ravager and Robin, who were searching for the rest of the student body)bump into one of the empowered kids. Raven decides to bring all of the Titans and their foes together in one place, and this issue ends with Ravager and Robin finding the rest of the students from the school in the cafeteria, acting like rabid animals tearing each other apart.

Thoughts: Hey, I actually liked this issue! Imagine that! Before I get into the nuts and bolts of the story itself, I have a confession to make first... I... I actually like Damian. I can't believe it, but he's grown on me(no thanks to Grant Morrison!)to the point where seeing him doesn't cause my blood pressure to rise. Just typing that out makes me feel weird and wrong, but it needed to come out. Okay, back to this issue. I'm enjoying everything going on here EXCEPT for the fact that JT Krul(writer)hasn't named the villains in this issue... It's annoying(and a bit confusing)that the villains are the teacher, the bully, the boy and the girlfriend... I mean can we get some proper super-villain names here?! Besides that very minor gripe, I have no other problems here. Krul is ALREADY doing better things in this series in just 3 issues than the last three writers did over the course of the last two and a half years combined! The story is really good, the villains(although nameless)are interesting, and Nicola Scott's art is impressive. I've got to admit, it's nice to actually pick up a Teen Titans comic and enjoy reading it. That hasn't happened a lot lately for me...

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.It must be the Robin outfit that Ravager is attracted to...


  1. I read this issue last night. Man, Krul is a hell of a writer on this series cause I loved it, and I see what you mean about Damian. I'm gonna get the next issue from a buddy as well and if it's as good as the last two have been, I'll be picking up Teen Titans again. Just the writing for Damian, Ravager and Cassie alone has been great so far.

  2. Awesome, it wasn't just me then. Yeah, I mean I HATE his work on Arsenal, but Krul is writing a sweet Teen Titans so far. I'm really enjoying the interaction between Damian and Ravager. Plus Nicola Scott's artwork is always really good.

    You know, maybe Krul really wasn't to blame for the Arsenal mini... I mean if you're given crap to work with, chances are you're going to produce crap. With the exception of bringing Lian back and having Roy regrow his arm, I can't see how that mini EVER could have been good.

  3. Couldn't agree more, Nicola's art is great, everyone looks different and has great features, even Cassie doesn't look like a generic blonde, and she still kinda has that WW like glow to her. And I'm loving this Ravager/Damian thing, I mean I would've never thought of that, and the fact that Dick trained Rose and now Rose is kinda taking Damian under her wing is awesome. Btw, Damian's in next week's Batgirl and I can't wait.

    Good point, he was kinda given a carrot and some sugar and told to make a carrot cake. Yeah, I just made that up...sue me. Lol

  4. Yeah, I liked her work when she drew WW, I'm glad to see her doing some sweet work over on TT. Hey, check us out, taklking art like we're Lisha! :P

    "he was kinda given a carrot and some sugar and told to make a carrot cake."...... Huh. That's gonna go into the Great Big Book of JT Quotes.

  5. Lmao, I mentioned to her today the stuff I said about Cass having a WW like glow and she just said "Mhmmm"

    Lol the book of good quotes or bad quotes?

  6. Dude, even I know how much Lisha HATES WG! You're lucky you didn't get smacked for comparing those two!

    Wait, you have good quotes?! :P

  7. Lol I don't have a comeback for either of those two replies! And she actually said that she may pick up that Cassie One-shot this week, which SHOCKED me.

  8. Oh course you don't have a reply, I'm a self-proclaimed genius! :D

    If I manage to get to the CB shop tomorrow, I'll prob pick up the WG comic. But to hear Lisha is gonna get it? That is SHOCKING!

  9. I know you are, I hear they call you X Thib-a-de-oux.

    I'll read hers, I don't mind cassie but I'm not spending Cash on her comic!